Sunday, May 18, 2014

Crime and Crack

Let's take a look at some crime stats in Surrey and compare that with areas the police allow the public sale of crack and see how closely related the two really are. The Vancouver Province posted this map of Surrey Crime by Neighbourhood. I didn't add in the orange circles, they did. I simply added in the two small black dots and the arrows beside the headlines The Front Room and Newton. I think naming the two largest crime areas of Surrey is very significant.

The largest circle is around the Front Room which is the epicentre of drug related violence in Surrey. The second largest circle is around Newton where businesses and residents have been consistently complaining about the police not arresting the crack dealers there.

The smaller circles also represent areas where crack is sold just not at the same level as outside the Front Room or in Newton. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to connect the dots. We can clearly see that where the police let crack dealers sell crack, that results in a huge amount of crime. The most in Surrey. This supports my theory that if police arrest crack dealers not addicts that will greatly reduce crime over all. That is the New York model. I saw it work in New York.


  1. Giuliani certainly proved the difference a real leader can make.

    "THEY" should be ashamed of themselves for allowing what is happening in Vancouvers' DTES.

    The highest concentration of drug addicts in all of North America - excluding Mexico - is found right here in Canada.

  2. Indeed. The fact that they want to make more "safe" injections sites is proof that pilot project has failed. It creates more addicts by ignoring the other four pillars of enforcement, treatment and prevention. It just twists harm reduction into drug promotion.

  3. Good piece, but this subject deserves more detail.
    Since this subject affects all Surrey Tax Payers, your resourcefulness would be well worth hitting this subject with GUSTO in your type of web detailed writing skills.
    The RCMP are standing down on drug related crime prevention, as observed hourly, day after day in NEWTON! That is why we need more daily detailed reporting!


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