Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Biblical Allegory

We've talked a fair bit about corruption on various levels. Political corruption often seems overwhelming all on it's own. When we add that to corruption in the upper levels of the police force right up to corruption in the HSBC and on Wall Street it is understandable why so many people adopt the way of the ostrich and bury their heads in the sand. Unfortunately that's not going to make the problem go away in real life. It's like Moses and the golden calf.

It's pretty hard for us to comprehend how any intelligent being could possibly worship a golden calf yet we do in our day. We worship our own golden calves of greed: luxury cars, clothes and jewelry. It's not about worshiping statues it's about worshiping materialism and greed.

Moses was quite the military commander. He killed an Egyptian guard. The Israelites were slaves in Egypt. One of the guards raped a slave's wife and Moses lost it. He beat the guard to death. No doubt he got in trouble for that and went into hiding for a while.

The Book of Jasher claims Moses went south into Sudan and Ethiopia. It contains an interesting story about how Moses led the armies there against an evil power that was in a fortified castle protected by a moat filled with poisonous snakes. It seemed impenetrable but Moses thought outside the box.

He got a group of soldiers to each get a baby crane as a pet and train it. When the cranes were mature he took the army along with the soldiers who had the cranes to confront the castle. The cranes ate the poisonous snakes and Moses' army took the castle. Not bad for doing what they said couldn't be done. That story is found in the book of Jasher which isn't in the Bible or the Apocrypha. The Bible quotes the Book of Jasher but it's not in the Bible. It's one of the lost books missing from the Bible.

Moses is famous for leading the children of Israel out of slavery in Egypt into the promise land. He told Pharaoh Let my people go. When I was on a non religious Kibbutz in Israel I was surprised they celebrated the passover to commemorate the event. I asked them about it and said I thought you guys were non religious. He said we are. This isn't a religious thing it's just part of our history.

Anyways, the biblical story claims Moses went up to the mountains to pray and when he came back he found them all dancing naked around a golden calf. Moses lost it. He couldn't believe they could degenerate so fast after such miraculous things happened in their escape from Egypt. He smashed the first set of commandments and said Who is on the lord's side? Let him come unto me. Then the Levites gathered and they slew 3,0000. Of their own people. They had to cleanse the inner vessel before they were able to proceed to fulfill their destiny.

Can you see where I'm going with this? Right now we face a huge amount of corruption. Right now this level of corruption is a bigger threat to our civil liberty and to our prosperity that Hitler, Stalin or Chairman Mao. Those enemies stood on the other side of the battlefield and tried to conquer our liberty and turn us into slaves. This new enemy is from within. They pretend to be our friends and wrap the flaxen cords around our neck until their lies choke us into slavery.

As tempting as it sounds, I'm not saying we go Boondock saints and start executing all the corrupt politicians out there. Words will retain their power. I am saying we need to be aware of the problem and confront it before we proceed just like Moses did in the past. CSIS is corrupt. The CIA is corrupt. MI 6 is corrupt. This secret combination is a greater threat to our liberty that Russia, China and North Korea combined. Edward Snowden is a hero. Support him.

It has been said that the day will come when all their secret works of darkness will be brought to light. The Pickton cover up needs to be uncovered. The Operation Phoenix story needs to be told. The Fast and Furious story needs to be told. Arise and shine soldiers. Our day has come.


  1. This is a series of lectures that is very informative and deals directly with drugs, the HA, society, powers and principalities, homeless drug addicts and what needs to be done to rectify the situation - this is just part of the first lecture!

    Take the time and watch the first lecture - it is time well spent - you would be very hard pressed to spend your time doing anything else. There is food for thought in here that is really second-to-none. In a way, I am hesitant to link these because they really do require a certain amount of maturity. However, I think many reading this blog are looking for answers and if answers could be found among the police they would have been. If the answers could be found among the various levels of government, they would have. If the answers could be found among vigilantes, they would have. However, as Agent K has pointed out previously, our war is with principalities and powers.

    For any who brush this off as mass reactionaries, that too is addressed within the lecture (47:45).

    Part 1 -

    Part 2 -

    Part 3 -

    Part 4 -

    Part 5 -

    Part 6 -

    Part 7 -

    Part 8 -

    I completely, firmly and staunchly believe those who take the time to watch this series of lectures will formulate a much better understanding of these ills society is facing.

  2. Interesting. I lean a bit more towards the in my fathers house there are many mansions, as you sow so shall ye reap kinda thing. The born agains tend to lean towards the heaven or hell saved or damned kinda thing. I think there's a bit more to it myself. But then I'm kind of a Zen Christian myself so I'm not very Orthodox.

  3. I think if you watch these lectures (I know it will take a bit of time, but it will be time well spent - especially when you hear the content) you will really find them very applicable to everything you have ever posted on this blog.

    The Priest doing these lectures left the Church when he was a young adult, became a high powered accountant and land developer in California and in the drug fuelled haze of the 1970's got involved in the drug culture of the time and became addicted to cocaine.

    He talks of how empty he felt sitting in his 3000 sq ft bedroom, looking out at his Hatteras yacht, thinking of his Ferrari in the garage after the party goers left his weekend party. He contemplated how this was "it" and that now he was successful - but if so, why was he so empty inside.

    He eventually lost everything due to his additions, repented, came back to the Church and then became a Priest. He earned 5 university degrees, including his Doctorate at the Pontifical University of Navarre (Spain).

    He became one of the most famous and sought after lecturers in North America. He spoke a lot about his past, the rampant drug use in top circles, the effects of drugs on society, addictions and much more.

    It is this series of lectures that probably drives home at the problem, the effects and the causes more than any of his other lectures. It is not just lecturing about the ills but more importantly he focus' on the solution.

  4. Sounds like a real success story. There are many things about the Catholic church that I enjoy and admire. It’s just that I’m not very dogmatic. I’m not very pragmatic for that matter either. For me heaven and hell is like that Chinese painting.

    Hells was a group of people sitting in front of a banquet miserable and gnashing their teeth. The only way they could eat the food in front of them was with chopsticks longer than their arms. Consequently they couldn’t get the food in their mouths. They had all this wonder food in front of them but they couldn’t eat it so they were starving in torment. The picture of heaven was the same banquet table with the same eating utensils. The only difference is that everyone was happy. They were feeding each other.


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