Thursday, May 1, 2014

RCMP sued for sexual assault

Sadly, the Edmonton Journal is reporting that a southern Alberta woman has filed a lawsuit against the RCMP that alleges she was forced to perform a sex act while an officer drove her home. Which reminds me of the recent incident in France where a Canadian tourist claims she was raped by a police officer in France. Very sad. Pretty much the epitome of breach of trust. The officer claims it was consensual but two officers are being charged with gang rape.

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  1. It's pretty obvious from the frequency of such things that it's a systemic problem, not just isolated incidents here and there. The culture of Canadian policing stems from the RCMP, many "members" leave the force to join Municipal dept's, so it's not really a surprise to see it in those agencies as well. The culture of entitlement, of exception, of "we can do what we want" is not new, it just gets reported more these days, we're an "information society", camera's everywhere, people can post stuff online that never would have been printed in a newspaper 20 years ago and all that......

    Think of them as sheepdogs who occasionally want mutton for dinner. Some of them are not just corrupt sheepdogs though, some are clever wolves in a sheepdogs clothing.The rest of the flock doesn't complain too much, it's seen as the price that must be paid, after all what would we do without them? As long as they victimize whores or drug users, or people they can label as less than worthy members of society, it's "OK"........

    They have themselves a cozy little monopoly on the use of force, it's called "the protection racket". Only they are allowed to carry and use weapons to protect themselves, you will be a criminal and they get to throw you in jail if you do the same.

    "Just give the wolves what they want or you might get hurt". Don't resist them. Or us......


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