Thursday, February 14, 2019

The BC Hydro Fraud: CBC Nails it

CBC is reporting that "A report released by B.C.'s provincial government says the previous government pressured BC Hydro into signing long-term contracts with independent power producers (IPPs) that will cost customers over $16 billion over 20 years. The report says the former B.C. Liberal government "manufactured an urgent need for power while disallowing BC Hydro to produce it." It says the public utility was then forced to buy power from private producers at inflated prices, at the direction of the government." Global is covering the story as well.

Exactly. This is what Norm Farrell and I have been saying for years.


  1. Well you were quick to get that up! first of the bloggers and thank you. Laila Yuile also wrote about this for years. She currently has a post up about SNC Lavalin and all things connected to B.C. including their visits to some new cabinet ministers.
    Happy Valentine's day. no massacres though please.

  2. As more and more items are disclosed involving out Liberal party here in BC I can not help but think that those lying disrespectful members should never be permitted to hold office anywhere in BC. This is yet another story that beggers belief. If I never hear from any of them ever again it will be too soon unless they are n a court of law. If not illegal acts then certainly unethical and immoral acts. The Hall of it is that there are already Libs defending what they did!

  3. C. Grumpy, and by the next election the MSM will be blaming the NDP for all of it. Because well all of this was going on, over the years, the bloggers were providing information on all of it, while the MSM sat on their hands except to extoll the virtues of the party of business, the B.C. LieberCons.

    1. The NDP didn't cause the problem but hey can fix it. If they don't then they are no better than the other guys.


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