Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Curtis Sagmoen sentenced for assaulting sex trade worker

The Vancouver Sun / Province is reporting that "Curtis Wayne Sagmoen, the man whose family’s Salmon Arm farm was searched by police in 2017 resulting in the discovery of a teenager’s remains, pleaded guilty Monday to assaulting a sex trade worker and received a short jail sentence amounting to time served as well as two years of probation."

"After several adjournments, the parties returned later in the afternoon and Sagmoen, 38, entered his guilty plea to one count of the lesser offence of simple assault of the sex trade worker in Maple Ridge in January 2013. He was initially charged with assault causing bodily harm, a more serious crime that could have resulted in a heftier sentence."

Another guy from Maple Ridge charged with assaulting sex trade workers with more missing and one dead on his farm. Holy Robert Pickton that's Red and White territory so it is.


  1. Kyle Appreciate the clarification that there is no separate charge under the CCC for assaulting STW, it's the same as for everyone else, so I've removed my original post which was largely based on the, as you say, poorly written article.

    However I stand by what I said about the criminal justice system's attitudes towards these women. An individual is free to hold whatever opinion they want, the justice system is required to be blind in this wise and not to judge them, (except for an actual offense off course, not for who they are) but has always fallen short, Aboriginal women or STW's have always received less attention from the criminal justice system that their matters deserved, starting with the officer on the street right up to the top, I think there's not much disagreement abut that.

  2. the light sentence was some what surprising.

    Given some of the information around this case, ie. the body of a young woman found on the property, you do wonder what else is going on or do the police not care.

    1. I believe that there are other charges pending.

  3. There are also several other sex trade workers from that area that are missing from that area, as well as another girl that took off and ran for help when going to meet him because he had a gun. Too much going on around this POS for him to be allowed out! 😠


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