Monday, February 18, 2019

Polar on Netflix

I just saw Polar on Netflix with a Danish actor named Mads Mikkelsen. Impressive. Mads is rock solid. I wonder why I haven't heard of him before. Evidently, he was in Rouge One.


  1. He plays Hannibal in the TV adaptation of the Tom Harris novels .

  2. I have been enjoying a show "60 days in" on A&E where there plant regular citizens in US jails to find flaws in the system.

    1. That won't too hard to do. In most ways little has changed since I "walked the flag" years ago. (Flag = floor in a cell house) The whole concept of prison in North America need an enema, it's nothing more than a "College of Criminal Knowledge". If it was up to me, everyone would be single cell, double the average size at present, 23 hours a day in the cell. Those things alone would cut down on much of the violence. But it will never happen, because it "costs too much"....never considering the costs to it of a criminal that comes out to re-offend.

    2. Norway has the best model for prisons.


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