Friday, February 15, 2019

Hells Angel drug ring from Quebec to New Brunswick

CTV is reporting that "The Surete du Quebec says it has arrested 32 people allegedly linked to a drug trafficking ring in eastern Quebec and New Brunswick. The arrests carried out Thursday are in connection with drug distribution networks controlled by the Hells Angels. Among those arrested were Eric Blanchette, who police say is a prospect member of the Hells Angels chapter in New Brunswick, and his brother Yanick. The organization, known as the "Eastern Network," controlled drug distribution in the Lower St-Lawrence, Gaspe and Iles-de-la-Madeleine."

Global is reporting that "Insp. Guy Lapointe told reporters in Quebec City the network allegedly controlled sales and distribution of synthetic drugs and cocaine and paid a tax to the Hells Angels to operate." Where have we heard that before?

La Press reported that the Blanchette twins were arrested in he Dominican back in 2012. "Yannick Blanchette has been convicted of robbery, conspiracy and fraud, while his brother has a history of break and enter, theft and mischief." More petty thieves. Nothing noble there.


  1. "paid a tax to the Hells Angels to operate." Where have we heard that before?"

    Yup. But the HA are not involved in drugs as an organization.... :rolleyes: Amazing how we have judges that have 6-7 years of post secondary education and all it ever taught them was how to be book smart and street stupid. "My learned colleague", LOL. Dumb as a fucking fence post is more like it.

  2. It's quite possible some are not so nearly dumb - it is just they have been "compromised".

    In plain English: bribed, bent, crooked, on the take, etc.

    There are a lot less judges to bribe than there are police. Cost effectiveness, just like in any business.


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