Friday, February 15, 2019

Gordon Campbell accused of sexual assault in England

The Canadian Press is reporting that "A British newspaper says police in London are investigating an allegation of sexual assault made against former British Columbia premier Gordon Campbell. The Daily Telegraph says Scotland Yard is investigating a complaint from a woman who was an employee at the Canadian High Commission when Campbell was high commissioner. The newspaper says in a story published online on Friday that the complainant alleges she was groped in 2013 and filed a complaint with police in January."

Why is that not surprising? Gordon Campbell is a scoundrel. Who do you think was with him when he got his DUI charge in Hawaii? He should not have been given the High Commission position. Gordon Campbell is the one who created the BC Hydro fraud. We need to sue him.

Manitoba Hydro overruns

CBC is reporting that "Former B.C. premier Gordon Campbell will no longer be leading a review of cost overruns of Manitoba Hydro mega projects amid sexual assault allegations." Overruns of Manitoba Hydro mega projects? That guy should be in jail for BC Hydro overruns.

Manitoba Hydro overruns are because of SNC-Lavalin. They under bid and over charge. That's their MO just like Lockheed Martin.


  1. My line has always been, "I want to live long enough to see Gordon Campbell come back in hand cuff." As some one suggested it maybe I'll have to go to G.B. to see that happen.

    Gordon Campbell was appointed to the position by Harper as a reward for implementing the HST and then getting tossed out of the leadership of the B.C. Lieberals.

    Gordon Campbell is currently an advisor to Ford, Premier of Ontario. So as things go down the toilet in Ontario, people just have to look at what went on in B.C. to see what will happen in Ontario.

    Many of the bloggers wrote about B.C. Hydro and its "corruption". Now we finally have a report making it official. Unless Crown can provide enough evidence there won't be any trial and it is doubtful those who signed the deals with B.C. Hydro/Campbell will ever talk.

    Rafe Mair spent years writing about the subject of run of the river projects and the negative impact they'd have on fish. Who'd ever think they'd see a former Socred cabinet minister suggesting people vote NDP.

    Norm Farrell wrote for years regarding the lack of a sound business plan for these run of the river projects, etc. Campbell had B.C. Hydro buy electricity from these IPPs at 10 cents a kw and B.C. Hydro sold it to consumers for 3 cents a kw. Now we have to make up the difference and over the next 8 years its going to cost all of us. For some it will be fine, but when you consider those on min. wage, fixed incomes such as pensions. Its going to be tough.

    So while Campbell swained around London with a butler, chauffer, etc. the rest of us will now have to pay as much as $4K over the next 8 years. This is what the party of business did to consumers of this province. Nice business plan.

    The B.C. Lieberal critic for B.C. Hydro had some nerve suggesting the price of electricity was going up when Campbell signed all these deals and at the time it was a good thing to do. Does that guy think we're stupid. All we have to do is go to any number of blogs to read what was considered counter information, such as, Norm Farrell. there never was a business plan which would benefit the tax payers/citizens of this province.

    It would be nice if there was a way out of these contract el gordo "created". I have other uses for that $4K.

    Thank you for giving this subject exposure. Its doubtful the MSM will do much more than the announcement. I do expect the MSM to start being very critical of the NDP though, when they have to raise electricity rates and there won't be any mention of it was el gordo and the B.C. Liebercons who did this.

  2. "It would be nice if there was a way out of these contract el gordo "created"."

    The deal was illegal, it should be declared null and void. It was theft by an elected official but the problem is, no Crown Prosecutor has the balls to file charges on him. These guys as well are part of the problem, they don't file charges for something like this unless someone gives them permission.

    1. Exactly. All they have to do is contract the IPPs back into the public company.


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