Friday, October 24, 2014

Mexican Cartel Murdered Blogger

The Daily Beast is reporting that the Mexican cartel has murdered another blogger. She used a picture of Catwoman as her avatar and called herself Felina. Felina was an administrator for Valor por Tamaulipas (which means Courage for Tamaulipas), the most popular citizen news hub in the state, with more than 100,000 followers on Twitter and over half a million on Facebook.

Early in the morning on Thursday, Oct. 16, this message from Felina @Miut3 was posted: # reynosafollow FRIENDS AND FAMILY, MY REAL NAME IS MAR√ćA DEL ROSARIO FUENTES RUBIO. I AM A PHYSICIAN. TODAY MY LIFE HAS COME TO AN END. The next message, sent moments later, is supposedly her warning friends and family not to make the same mistake she did, using social media to report on organized crime, because “there is no point.” After she was kidnapped and killed cartel members posted pictures of her lifeless body on her Twitter account.

All I can say is do you not fear God? I blog about the Vancouver gang war but I don't mess with the Mexican cartel. They are ruthless. I find the brutality of the murders very disturbing. Someone there needs to spend some real time with Dr. Phil. There's a lot of Catholics in Mexico. I's hard to conceive how anyone can be so blasphemous towards God with such inhuman acts of brutality.

These are the same people that the ATF were supplying guns and selling drugs for in Operation Fast and Furious. The resignation of Eric Holder does not remove Obama's culpability in that criminal act. Nor does it circumvent his legal obligation to disclose the documents he has been hiding under executive privilege. He has been hiding criminal acts. That makes him culpable to the crimes he has been hiding. In the book The Unarmed Truth, whistle blower John Dodson stated Washington was very interested in that operation from day one.

Although I am shocked by the ruthless brutality of the Mexican cartel, my beef is not with them. What am I going to say about the cartel? They sell drugs? Everybody knows they sell drugs. My beef is with the Hells Angels because they sell drugs and lie about it. They support people like Larry Mizen who brutalized the homeless for years then all of a sudden cap him as soon as he gets some bad press when they know full well what his did all along. That is messed up.

Despite my concerns about the Mexican cartel's brutality, somehow I don' think they would be involved with the Pickton farm like the Hells Angels were. Somehow I don't think gang rape and what was done to Dianne Rock sits well with them. Or the Italian mafia for that matter. Tony Terezakis was Greek. Tony wasn't the only one. He just worked the door. The rat's nest is full of them. If you wear Hells Angels support gear, that is what you support. The gang rape and exploitation of Dianne Rock and all the many others.

Selling drugs in clubs to people who want it is none of my business. Giving crack to the homeless for free them beating the life out of them for payment is my business. What they did to Janice Shore is my business. If they cap me for saying that so be it. In time they will face a much worse consequence simply because life does not end at death. No lie can live forever. Mark my word.

The thought for the day and the gym today was "Courage is the ability to accept defeat without losing heart." Life does not end at death. Like Obi Wan Kenobi, Felina has become more powerful than her murders could ever imagine. The question I have is why are there so many missing people in her city? Killing Felina has only made that crusade go viral. Without getting into cartel business reporting all the people that go missing is something the other administrators for Valor of Tamaulipas can and should do. Peace.

Memorial for Felina


  1. "There's a lot of Catholics in Mexico. I's hard to conceive how anyone can be so blasphemous towards God with such inhuman acts of brutality."

    Might want to check out the history of the Catholic church for that.....a little episode that lasted for a century and a half called the Inquisition.....plenty of torture and murder there.....and this is the same church as was complicit in the deaths of Jews during WWII, and assisted in the escape of their murderers via the ratlines to Argentina at the end of the war.....monks who "scourge" (whip) themselves.....if it was anyone else, time to visit Dr. Phil but if it's religion it's now somehow all good.....

    1. I'd be more inclined to agree with you except for the fact that we tend not to hear much in the way of 'peaceable' Muslims denouncing the 'hijacking' of their religion by 'extremists'.....something to do with the fact that they all read from the same playbook? "That's not Islam, it's cultural" is COMPLETE BS, it IS all in the Koran. People should look this stuff up, but most do not, and the apologist's know it. When called on it, they will say it's not an accurate translation. Right.

      Hitler wasn't a Christian. He persecuted the German hierarchy of the Catholic church such as spoke out against him, (as did Russian Communists) Nazism was the replacement creed of the Third Reich. The Catholic Church only assisted Hiltler insofar as they had common cause against the Jews, aka 'The Killers of Christ', which was the official position of the Holy Roman See for centuries and still has not completely been stamped out any more than has anti-Semitism in Europe/Russia generally. To the contrary, anyone who's spent any length of time (not talking about vacation) in Europe can tell you that anti-Semitism is far from dead. It has been proven/documented that the whole ''we had to go along with it or they would have killed us too" is not the whole truth of the matter, there were plenty of willing participants.

      I don't blame all Catholics for the carrying out Inquisition any more than I blame all Muslims for Islamic terrorist activities. I DO blame them for not speaking out or fighting against it. "You can't or won't police your own, we will have to do it for you, (since we don't like being bombed and shot at and such) and don't be surprised if the fact that your lack of enthusiasm earns you a little scrutiny."

    2. Trailrunner, you make a lot of insightful posts regarding political/social but you obviously are not knowledgeable about the Inquisition.

      You need to watch this investigative report into the Inquisition:

      There are going to be some things you are undoubtedly familiar with presented therein - i.e. "water boarding".

      Your statements about the Second World War and the Church show you are not familiar, in the least, with the history of the period.

      These may help:

      Here is some more reading suggestions in this bibliography for primary and secondary sources as to what really happened:

      As for flagellants, you need to understand mortification and penance. Again, this may help (if you actually take the time to read it, of course, just like the other links):

      Be sure not to mistake the pious with the heretical:

      One must always remember that evil will attempt to manifest itself and corrupt in any area where there is great good.

      Evil is also allowed due to free will and the simple fact a greater good comes from this allowance.

      Public penance is still practiced around the world and in Mexico it is no different. One wonders how many of these penitents were, at one time, involved in the drug cartels to feel their punishments must be so severe:

    3. To return the compliment, Dr. Smythe as well contributes greatly to the discourse here on the blog, and his statements on the nature of evil and free will are 'gospel' if you will. But I am pretty familiar with European history in the first half of the 20th century, in fact it is my prime area of interest within the field of history, have a fairly eclectic little collection of books on the subject and have spent a total of over four years in western Europe over my adult life.

      As does Agent K, I tend to seek out the lesser known aspects of the situation. I am not surprised that the good Dr. defends his church, that is his position, but facts are facts. The Catholic church's activities during the period of 1930-1950 are well documented, both to their credit as well as to their shame, depending on what churchman we might be talking about. It should come as no surprise that there are both, 'free will' as Dr. Smythe points out, even within an organization. Not all churchman exhibited Christian behavior towards the Jew when they had the opportunity any more than all churchmen rooted out the recent decades of homosexual pederasty in their ranks when it was in full swing. To be fair, for them it was a case of "speak out against the Nazi's and be shipped off to a camp" or shut up and survive. You can't do much when you're dead. And yet the complicity of many churchmen and the use of church property as part of the 'ratline' that funneled war criminals such as Eichmann and many others through Italy and out of Europe to Argentina at the end of the war has been so extensively documented that to claim otherwise is just laughable, the equivalent of a child being caught with it's hand in the cookie jar and yet saying "no I didn't". To lay that on individuals and say, "Well, they didn't act on the authority of the church" only flies if the institution took some action over it, the fact that they didn't really is all one needs to know.

      There are analysts who believe that the Sunni tribes of western Iraq are to some degree using ISIS to advance their demands against the Shia majority central government here in Baghdad, (it's not a completely united front, there are area's where said tribes are fighting ISIS) and if the point ever arrives where they get what they want, they will turn on the "outsiders" and foreign jihadi's and solve this problem themselves. In other words, ISIS may morph into a de facto Sunni state, minus the current folks at the top. Anything is possible in this part of the world, so we will have to wait and see......

    4. Agent K - I guess someone has to do it at all levels considering the fact bias, discrimination and bigotry is only socially acceptable against the Catholic Church today.

      Considering all the negative press and exposure Islam has gotten even any perceived bias against Islam is disallowed.

      Yet, making blanket statements that have no basis in fact against the Catholic Church is accepted at all levels of modernist society.

      Trailrunner stated, "I don't blame all Catholics for the carrying out Inquisition any more than I blame all Muslims for Islamic terrorist activities. I DO blame them for not speaking out or fighting against it."

      This is another example of how failed our "educational" system is - there is no reason to speak out against the Inquisition.

      The above posted research enquiry ( into the Inquisition proves that.

      It is a very unbiased investigation and uses primary sources as well as explores contemporary bias and juxtaposes modern examples to make direct connections to the past.

    5. Trailrunner. So it would appear the only place ISIS has any support is in some smaller areas of Iraq but even that is divided. They clearly don't have any support from either side of the conflict in Syria. Which would again mean all the other Muslims in the world do not support them and most especially don't support what was done in the Ottawa shooting.

    6. Dr. Smythe. I certainly don't think bigotry towards the Catholic church is acceptable. That's my point. The freedom of religion means Catholics have the right to be Catholics and so do Protestants, Jews, Muslims and everyone else.

      I do agree that some prejudices towards Catholics, Jews and Muslims are common. I was in Lewis for Guy Faux night many years ago and was shocked. They had a sign that said no Popery. At first I misread it and said what on earth does that mean? Then I realized what it meant and I raised my eyebrow and said, Oh... that is not politically correct. We sure wouldn't say that in Canada.

      Then when they burned an effigy of the Pope I said OK I know that is not appropriate. That is definitely something we wouldn't do in Canada. It's a rather archaic tradition. I think they do the same thing in East Belfast on July 12th. I never went near those wackos. I lived on the other side of the city.

  2. Do watch yerself, AK, the exact same thing could happen to's a brutal world...

  3. Indeed. I could be next. Just like Gary Webb. I keep saying I'm surprised I've made it this long. There are some things I report on and other things I won't. I've clarified my beef.


    1. Bloody hell. That's what the CIA learned from the Judge Bonner story. The best way to shut up the other agencies is by infiltrating them and taking them over.


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