Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hong Kong Protest supported in Vancouver

The Vancouver Province is reporting that "Hundreds of people gathered Sunday in downtown Vancouver to show support for democracy protesters in Hong Kong. Geoff Ho joined a crowd outside the Vancouver Art Gallery, where supporters sang Under a Vast Sky, a 1990s hit Canto-pop song that has been adopted by protesters in Hong Kong as a rallying cry."

Global is reporting that "Students upset the Chinese government has failed to maintain its promise of open and fair elections have taken to the streets. In these mass demonstrations the protesters have been shielding themselves from police and tear gas with umbrellas, which has coined the term “Umbrella Revolution” because the students have been using umbrellas to shield themselves."

CBC is reporting that "the protesters want fully democratic elections when they cast their ballots for the next chief executive." So are we going to send in air support for the freedom fighters in Hong Kong or are we just going to keep perpetuating the lie? Perhaps the Harper government will ban these protests in Vancouver like the peaceful Falun Gong protest since all he does is censor the truth about the atrocities Communist China commits.


  1. yes there are protestors and that is a good thing. We just haven't heard word one from the P.M. about democracy in Hong Kong. Guess he doesn't think they need it. He "invited" their oppressors to Canada for the next 31 yrs.

    harper is all misty eyed about democracy in Ukraine, Hong Kong, not so much. Wonder why the difference.

    of course harper has some very strange ideas. He wants to fight ISIS, because they may come here and behead us all, even though their trucks don't float across oceans. Fighting Ebola which can and does get on jets, not so much.

    1. Exactly. I guess the difference between Hong Kong and the Ukraine is money. Harper is aiding the European Union of Banking Fraud take over of eastern Ukraine against their will. In Canada Harper is letting Communist China take over our oil rights and our sovereignty through FIPA while at the same time censoring their human rights violations:


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