Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Outlaws in Saskatoon

July 2014 the Metro News reported that "According to Saskatoon police Det.-Insp. Jerome Engele, intelligence shows the Outlaws motorcycle club has seven full-patch members in the city." This is a picture of some of them getting their patches Christmas 2013.

I'm all for a free market. I do like a V -twin with a skull better than a feathered helmeted skull with devil horns. One is cool, the other is not. Yet I don't like crack dealers period. My eBook will explain why. The Outlaws are traditionally Hells Angels rivals. Yet one source is claiming that these Outlaws in Saskatoon pay into the Saskatoon MC coalition which is run and controlled by the Saskatoon Hells Angles.

Obviously this recent Hells Angels fraud bust in Saskatchewan is going to hurt their recruitment and public support. I have said that I rather see Outlaws in Surrey than Hells Angels. Yet that local clown claiming to be a prospect for the Outlaws in Surrey calling up the paper and filling them full of BS has got to go. I don't have beef with Doc Riddoch. I just don't support the business they have sanctioned through Larry Amero or what their puppets did to Janice Shore.

It's time to move forward. It's time to grow up. "When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things." It's time for you to do the same. Leave the life and have a fresh start.


  1. There is no difference between the Hell's Angles and the Outlaws. They are the same kinds of people, with the same sources of income. If you expect the Outlaws to be an improvement on HA, I expect you will be disappointed.

  2. All 1% clubs are full of losers, period, end of story. Strange that Tom would play favorites, it's like trying to choose what kind of crap you want to step in. Note: shit is shit when it's stuck in your boot treads. The violence and intimidation that comes with the patch are the same no matter what the colors. Just my opinion.

  3. Perhaps. I was under the impression the Outlaws didn't say no one can sell pot but us. Not that I sell or smoke pot. I just think it is freaking insane the Hells Angels say that all the time.

  4. no rivalry any more. outlaws and HA both in ottawa. nobody is doing shit. this would never fly back in the day. money......

  5. http://www.cbc.ca/m/news/canada/saskatoon/judge-reserves-decision-in-hells-angel-jesse-bitz-death-threats-case-1.2799529
    Your going love this one. HA in Demolition and Mining Business dispute and death threats!

  6. Ah yes, that's the one with the video.

  7. With all due respect, it is clear that Jesse Bitz was kicked out of the club because he was seen as causing those members who also worked for Banga to end up losing their jobs. Jobs that cover for their illegal incomes selling drugs - it's hard to attempt to justify a lifestyle that requires a person to literally travel the world (for "runs"), eat out at expensive restaurants, afford copious amounts of product at night clubs, be able to buy high-end jewellery, high-end cars, high-end bikes and parts, pay cash for expensive housing, etc, etc, etc with no job.

    However, it is very easy when you work a job that pays a sizeable amount of money.

    That shows you "brotherhood" and "love" and "respect" - just kick a member out for acting a certain way that causes you some discomfort, but when the exact same behaviour causes you some satisfaction (i.e. acting the same way towards someone who will not go to the police) that behaviour and those actions are praised.

    As much as I hate to see anyone have to go through this (of either party) it is clear the message and moral of the story is if everyone hassled by the "club" went to the authorities, the "club" would no longer have any authority.

    Despite all their bravado, it is clear the "club" will do nothing if you go to the authorities.

    This must make the S'toon charter look very bad.

    I am sure there are more than a few higher-up individuals in the "club" who are staying up late at night worrying about the precedence this is setting. (sadly the lower-down individuals are just reacting)

  8. I'm going to have to follow up on this one. Another bully who doesn't like getting his picture taken. He was caught sleeping on the job and uttering threats on multiple occasions. Now he's suing for unlawful dismissal. What a waste of tax dollars.

    1. He is not suing for unlawful dismissal.

      It is 3 others who are - according to this (http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatoon/saskatoon-hells-angels-suing-leonard-banga-and-xtreme-mining-1.2605208) it is 3 individuals by the names of: Dean Bell, Larry Booth and Scott Fedorwick.

      There must be more than just being caught sleeping on the job once - it is not uncommon for that to happen in mines where shifts are often 12 hours + and there can be long periods where they must stand down for various reasons.

    2. Yes the three others are suing for wrongful dismissal but it does looks like he sunk their case. Uttering threats in colours supports criminal organization charges.

    3. Yet, the Crown never even tried criminal organization charges. One should ask "why"?!

  9. He'll be lucky to leave town alive. Here in BC they'll put a cap in your ass even if it looks like you might lose your criminal org case. He was caught on video in colours uttering threats. How stupid is that. They do it all the time but not on camera. They'll cap him soon enough for that.

  10. Watching that video I was quite surprised to see how brief this "altercation" was and of how non-threatened Banga and his wife appear as he just casually walks away and reaches for his mobile.

    Body language tells a lot.

    Based upon what little I have read in these news reports, I would not at all be surprised if he gets off. There is no proof he uttered the threats - only an "he said - she said". Is the accused guilty of previous death-threats? (One would certainly think that would be presented if that was the case.) Not being a member of the "club" anymore - one would think his enemies and any threatened previously by him would come forth to corroborate Banga's statements (http://cjme.com/story/closing-arguments-made-trial-former-hells-angel/425914).

    It is also very interesting where Banga claimed to have over 1300 hours of Hells Angels conversation recorded and in his possession (http://www.thestarphoenix.com/Uttering+threats+trial+begins+former+member+Hells+Angels/10289020/story.html).

    If what Banga is saying is true - that's even more damming for the "club". Here is a guy who is doing this, not really for himself (Banga's own statements), but for the other members of the "club" who are working for Banga.

    Then they turn on him ...

  11. He admitted to uttering threats in colours on more than one occasion,. He just denies making death threats but witnesses have testified otherwise. The extra recordings will indeed prove to be interesting.

  12. I wonder if Banga is holding on to these recording as "insurance". If anything were to happen to him, then they would be released through his lawyer or some other individual(s).

    Sadly, something tells me we will never hear these recordings.

    Mind you, they may not even exist but he is just saying they are as a bluff.

    Yes, the accused in the case at least was honest enough to admit he did threaten - in contrast with Skreptak claiming he did not know how all those weapons were in his car, let alone how a bunch of bullets got into his sock ...

    Skreptak should have been charged with obstruction and perjury.

  13. I have a photo of a spy cam above the public pay phones in moosejaw union hospital coincidently located in the psych ward who would guess the ha in moose jaw installed in over there paronoia also the pay phones are located out side nurses station another coincidence

  14. spy cams set up in moose jaw union hospital view u tube under my name to see photos also have some on face book same profile name bikers get scared even when they try to discreted you ironically installed outside nurses station under public phones


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