Monday, October 27, 2014

The CSIS Power Bill

Here it is, Harper is trampling the Charter of Rights once again as he crams his give CSIS more power bill through the house. As his crime bill had nothing to do with restraining crime, this bill has nothing to do with combating terrorism. After all why did the RCMP Terrorist squad show up at a 70 year old woman's home in Burnaby after she took a picture of the Kinder Morgan pipeline? Everyone who disagrees with Harper is in his definition a terrorist.

Giving CSIS more power after they did Air India is a criminal act. Before this bill is passed CSIS need to be charged in that murder once and for all. The RCMP found that CSIS had a handler that helped plan the Air India bombing and provided the explosives. Before we breath a word about giving CSIS more power they need to be charged in that murder.

Before we breath a word about giving CSIS more power, we need to charge them with the theft of $3.1 billion from their budget. That's not how much they spent, that's how much they lost from their budget. CSIS should be stripped of power not given more power. We can investigate terrorism without CSIS. 329 lives were lost in the Air India bombing. 268 Canadian citizens, 27 Britons, and 24 Indians. That makes CSIS the most destructive terrorist organization in Canada. Charge them.


  1. Shots fired near Surrey Hospital. Two men found in that area with gunshot wounds.

    1. I guess it was at a grow 17900-block of 40 Avenue with two in the hospital:

    Aside, here is something worthy of some DEBATE!

  3. the legislation harper and his cons are going to pass is simply a continuation of their quest to remove all opposition to them. They audit charities, churches, non-profits, etc. if they even send a couple of letters to a cabinet minister. (yes the latest target are Ontario bird watchers)

    As you point out the e-division came and "visited" a 71 yr old woman because Kinder Morgan didn't like her taking pictures. At the same time they didn't have the funding to "follow" a released sexual predator, with a likelihood to reoffend. As a result one young woman is dead.

    harper and his cons "crime bill" is a crime in itself. It does nothing to reduce crime, it only send people to prison for longer periods of time. But then I would not be surprised if the American prison corporations are hard at work lobbying the cons, just like the NRA before them. There are 2 million people in jail in America. The prison industry demands it. If they don't have those 2 million in jail their stock will take a tumble.

    Few criminals ever stopped to think about what they were doing, as a crime, except perhaps, white collar criminals and they just don't go to jail that long. The young man who shot and killed 3 Mounties is up for a 75 yr jail term under harper and his con's new legislation. Did it stop him from shooting those Mounties? No. Will it stop anyone else from shooting Mounties? No. harper and his herd are a vengeance based bunch of religious idiots, well that's my opinion. It does pay to have a look at harper's religious beliefs. It gives you a much better understanding of the man.

    The new legislation will enable harper and his herd to listen in on Canadians. Something they tried once before, i.e. Vickie Toews, with his, "either you're with us or you're with the sexual predators". That didn't work. Now harper is trotting out similar legislation which will further reduce our rights. Of course I'm sure that nice lawyer in Toronto will take it to court, as he has other legislation the cons passed, with the same result: It violates our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

    CSIS, is not a great organization. If Canada is to have such a spy agency, it ought to spy on out side interests not on Canadians. If we are to have a spy agency, then it ought to have all party approval and an oversight committee made up members from all political parties, with no one party having a clear majority. Only then can Canadians be assured it will not target them. The current proposed leg. will not "protect' Canadians. It will only enable harper and his herd to listen in on their "enemies" and arrest them if they want to.

    To remove citizenship from a Dual citizen, like where did that come from? Doesn't the idiot and his idols know there are tens of thousands of "dual citizens" in this country which were in fact born in Canada and have never been to "the home land"? Many parents ensured their children had dual citizenship in Europe so they could have the economic/education advantages, if they wished to take advantage of them. American parents even if they become Canadians later, like to have their children registered as dual citizens. I know of children who had 3 citizenships. So where would harper and his herd send those, if they disagreed with him.

    Bloggers can write all they want about this upcoming invasion of our rights but harper and his herd will continue. About all Canadians can do is ensure he and his herd are never re-elected and ensure whomever is, will repeal the legislation.


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