Saturday, October 18, 2014

Seniors take on Canada Post

The Globe and Mail is reporting that Seniors and the disabled are taking on Canada Post over their unilateral decision to remove door to door delivery. The scam was introduced based on the lie that the company is struggling financially. They have consistently made a profit year after year and pay dividends to the Canadian government which has considerably added to the tax revenue.

The only reason Canada Post could possibly manipulate the numbers is by including huge expenditures on US sorting machines that don't work in Canada because of our six digit postal code as opposed to the lengthy US zip codes. Canada Post regularly lies to the media and the media blindly reprints those lies without thinking or questioning them. Canada Post already implemented a massive price increase on stamps to help offset the costs of the old machines that don't work in Canada. Ask Rick Mercer what he thinks.

Canada Post needs to be publicly accountable. Eliminating door to door delivery is a bad idea. It adversely affects seniors and the disabled and it puts the security of the queen's mail at risk.

Save the Dream, Stop Moya Green. Oh right she ran off to shaft England. Now they've contracted out her axe murdering position to derail Canada Post just like she did to CN and to Bombardier when she was with them. Buyer Beware. Moya Greene is Bad for Business. Public services need to be publicly accountable. Privatizing Canada Post will remove public accountability and reduce tax revenue which means taxpayers will have to come up with the loss in tax revenue.

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