Friday, October 10, 2014

Calgary Hells Angels implicated in another fraud

Speaking of fraud, the StarPhoenix is reporting that "The man accused of defrauding Saskatchewan investors and funneling the money to Alberta Hells Angels has pleaded guilty. Joshua D. Johnston pleaded guilty to four counts: fraud over $5,000, fraud under $5,000, possession of the proceeds of crime and laundering the proceeds of crime."

"Between June 2008 and the fall of 2010, Johnston defrauded 15 Saskatchewan victims of a total of $1.2 million. He solicited the money for use in various real estate ventures, promising high rates of return, but instead spent the money on himself or transferred it to other individuals, some of them high ranking Hells Angels members in Calgary." Quite similar to what Jahan Meshkati was accused of doing for Ken Leblanc.

"The supposed real estate ventures included a land sale in Aberdeen, an apartment conversion in Brooks, Alta., and high-end housing sales in Calgary. One of the names that came up in the investigation was Jahanbakhsh Meshkati, who was often involved in the supposed property deals. Police never managed to locate him to question him about the alleged fraud." That's because he was shot dead in Vancouver for scamming the wrong people.


    RCMP would not intervene because of his GANG Relations they protect, by NOT STOPPING THEM!
    It is NOT a conspiracy theory as this has REPEATEDLY been told me from RCMP sources!
    Why we do not except these RCMP problems that could easily be resolved, is because who these GANGS have ties to in HIGH SOCIETY!
    Vernon BC is a decades old identical CRIME POROBLEM!
    The most common answer to this PROBLEM, coming from RCMP BRASS, is "It is more complicated than what it appears to be"!!!

  2. "The Prince George RCMP have recently completed an enforcement project targeting drug trafficking in the downtown core. Click here to view our September 26th, 2014 media release.

    This initiative targeted dealers who loiter downtown using this area to sell illegal drugs. The project resulted in the arrest of several individuals for drug related offences.

    Release conditions of those accused of drug trafficking are tailored to each individual and included being ‘Red Zoned’ from the downtown core. Upon release, the accused are not allowed to attend downtown Prince George until the disposition of their criminal charges are complete. These actions are necessary to protect the public and disrupt criminal activities in our City.

    "Sustained enforcement, in combination with environmental design changes are critical with respect to enhanced safety in our downtown. The City of Prince George has been very supportive with respect to our request to modify areas that historically have been problematic." says Inspector Brad Anderson of the Prince George RCMP. "Community partnership is vital to the success of the Prince George crime reduction strategy.

    Additional drug related arrests are forthcoming as a result of this project."

    This is a RCMP posting on the use of RED ZONING!
    It fully explains why they will not stop Street Trafficking.
    Red Zoning is mainly practiced as Drug Traffickers permission to operate in designated areas to stop cross borders feuds.
    This has been practiced since the 80's, in all communities with this Crime Problem.

    This is your FRONT ROOM DRUG TRAFFICKING issue - and full explanation as to why RCMP do not arrest these 'RCMP LEGALIZED CRIMES' !
    As long as the 'WANTED', also stay in these RED ZONES, they will be left alone by RCMP!

    1. Exactly, this is the same problem as in Whalley or the DTES. Nice to hear the police in Prince George are confronting it by targeting the crack DEALERS. Now that's what I'm talking about.

  3. The picture you are showing is of Ken LeBlanc… do you have a photo of Josh D Johnston?

    1. No but I'd like one. I'm kinda more interested in the names and pictures of the specific Hells Angels he was laundering fraud money for. I'm not too concerned about the puppets. I'm more interested in the ones pulling their strings.


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