Thursday, October 30, 2014

Mercy is not a sign of weakness, Brutality is

In the movie a Knight's Tale, the hero showed a fellow jouster mercy and the villain said mercy is a sign of weakness. I beg to differ. Brutality is a sign of weakness not mercy. It's like the saying he who loves his wife loves himself. Which implies he who beats his wife has low self esteem. The same goes for brutality.

Anciently Cormac Mac Art was a high king of Ireland long before Brian Boru. Comrac was the grandson of Con of the Hundred Battles and a forefather to Niall of the Nine Hostages. Cormac wrote a book for his son called Instructions to the King. In it he talked about similar things that Solomon did. Mercy, truth justice, a Jedi forsakes not these things. Solomon said withhold not good from them to whom it is due. Cormac said crush not the miserable. After you have conquered an enemy there is no need to crush them.

Torturing crack addicts for drug debts is deranged. Don't front them the drugs. The Jay Hall prison beating was also deranged. There is no honour or manliness is swarming someone and giving them the boots. None whatsoever. It's a sign of low self esteem.


  1. Swarming is the most ultimate form of "Cowardice" there is! And ganging up on someone, 4 or 5 guys to one!!!... You're nothing but a dick-less pussy who can't fight your own battles and are so scared of getting a punch in the face yourself, you have to get all your buddies to help you! What ever happened to "One on One" Usually the first good punch was the end of it.... Now-a-days, these Cowards attack one person in numbers and damn near beat them to death. Ya, takes a really big and Brave man to kick a person when their down while four or five of your buddies are doing the same thing! It's got nothing to do with low self-esteem; it's got to do with having no balls at all.

  2. groups of people beating up one person is simply not good behaviour. I consider it a sign of mental illness. It is the true mark of a coward. What the group is saying, in effect is, I am so weak I can not handle my enemy on my own. I am so weak and stupid I can not outwit my enemy. I am so cowardly I will not venture forth, in case I sustain injuries. I am so afraid of myself, I will not withdraw to a safe place. Yes, it takes brains and courage to say, this place is not safe for me, so I withdraw.

    The guards in this prison are to be condemned for they did nothing to stop it. They too are to be considered cowards. If it is an issue of being short staffed then the blame for this can be laid at the feet of the con government. They are cowardly, because they do not want to face an electorate, and say we spent money on prisons, people society doesn't like. The problem is, almost anyone can wind up in jail. If society does not protect the weakest of society, then society has lost already. All they are deciding is who gets to become the "winners", the "elite".


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