Thursday, October 9, 2014

NPA candidate opposes garbage incinerator

Kirk LaPointe, the NPA candidate for the mayor of Vancouver stated the NPA opposes Metro Vancouver's plan for a garbage incinerator. Finally someone with a brain. He states that “The only thing less green than burning or gasifying garbage in Vancouver is using fossil fuels to ship it elsewhere for burning. We share our air with the region’s other municipalities,” he said. Exactly!

Anyone can drive up to the look out over Vancouver on Cypress mountain sunrise, sunset or any time of the day and see the grey haze over the city and count the number of factory smokestacks billowing pollution into the air. Every summer there is air quality warnings in the Fraser Valley because the pollution tends to collect in the valley being surrounded by mountains. Burning garbage is about the most ungreen act conceivable.

Yesterday the front page of the Vancouver Province was a where's waldo photo referring to Gregor Robertson's absence at the recent all candidates debate. I have to admit that Gregor Robertson is starting to get a bit weird and that the city of Vancouver is ready for a change.

Meena Wong, COPE’S mayoral candidate, favours slowing development in Vancouver. Slowing development? If business wants to build let them build. Supply and demand will take care of itself. If business wants to invest in Vancouver why stop them? These aren't tax dollars. The Translink financial fiasco is the one burning tax dollars on behalf of insiders. Just make sure each new development contains some social housing and stop burning tax dollars on Translink.

Robertson has reiterated Vision’s position that Vancouver desperately needs a Broadway subway line. Vancouver does not desperately need a Broadway subway line. What Vancouver desperately needs is for Translink to stop going a billion dollars over budget every year. Tax payers already foot the bill for that yearly deficit in a ten cents a litre regional gas tax above and beyond the federal and provincial gas tax. Don't tell me SNC-Lavalin is bidding on that contract too like the Evergreen line. That would be another criminal act. Stop the insanity.

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