Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Another assault outside the Front Room

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that Mounties are looking for three men after a 55-year-old man was beaten with a stick near Surrey's Front Room drop-in centre for the homeless late Tuesday night. The victim was found "unresponsive" on the street, suffering from cuts to his face and head, and was rushed to Royal Columbian Hospital. A broken wooden stick was found nearby.

Surrey RCMP Cpl. Bert Paquet said it's not known if the victim was unresponsive because of his injuries, or level of intoxication. "It's probably a combination," he said. That is one of the most offensive comments possible. No doubt Bill Fordy put him up to it. Someone was drunk so the police don't care if someone caves his skull in with a club. Is that why they didn't care about Janice Shore's brutal murder? Because she was a drug user? If the police started arresting the drug dealers outside the Front Room there wouldn't be so many victims of the predatory violence that consumes the area. The police are culpable for this crime because they refuse to arrest the crack dealers outside the Front Room.


  1. Another reason for Surrey to have their own police dept. However, the Surrey tax payers don't want to spend the money and this is what happens. Then every one is upset and shocked when a "taxpaying" innocent citizen is beaten up or killed. Time for the "good" constable to take a sensitivity training course or better yet, let him spend some time, about a month, living on what many of the homeless or near homeless live on.

    If RCMP and politicians know a specific spot is used for drug trafficking and drug trafficking is illegal, then the police ought to doing something about it. If the politicians plead poverty, they ought to do something about "getting" more money.

    "What we desire for ourselves, we wish for all." That is the second last line of a prayer which used to be said by J. S. Woodsworth. Perhaps it is time society really starts to look at the line.

    You can't permit the poor and disenfranchised to get their heads beaten in and then not expect to have it happen to you or yours sometimes.

  2. Both FORD & WATTS have very low level consideration for THE LESS FORTUNATE!
    You have heard both speak. If you listen carefully to what both say behind the publics back, the change to their real life personality and character is the product of all SLUM SURREY' S CRIME!
    They both live by the credo "Survival of the Fittest". That is how they got to where they are in the Public Politics of the day!

  3. of course the citizens voted them into office more than once. You make your bed and you lie in it. It is unfortunate there are ramifications for those who didn't vote for them, but such is the way of the world.

    People obviously were o.k. with what has been going on in Surrey, because they kept voting Watts into office, although after reading Laila Yuile's blog and saw how few voted in Surrey,

    1. I voted for Watts myself the first time. She said one thing and did another. When people finally saw through her she decided not to run again.


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