Saturday, October 25, 2014

Barrie Dinning Busted

The Edmonton Sun is reporting that Barrie Dinning from the Dirty Flu was busted and is facing a number of weapons charges for attempting to import brass knuckles, stun guns and large bowie knives into Bonnyville, Alberta north west of Edmonton.

On facebook he posted "Due to circumstances beyond my control I have no cell phone so please message me here until I get a new phone and number." Tap that b*tch. One of his friends asks what happened did you lose your phone? No he got his ass busted. Brass knuckles and bowie knives, now that's retro. That's something Santa shouldn't have in his sack.

Bad Dawg. I mean Barrie not Willie.

Barrie Dinning is a proud supporter of the Hells Angels.


  1. Aside - Another type of poison destroying essential insects to our environment.

  2. GMOs kill bees and is banned in Europe but not in Canada or the US. That's what the Kelowna protesters were concerned about. They want Genetically Modified Organisms to me labeled. Sounds like that's the chemical they don't just spray on the food (corn) they inject it right into it.


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