Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Lethal injection kits produce 31 overdoses

This is a lethal injection kit from the assisted suicide centre at Insite. Yesterday the Vancouver Province reported that there were 21 overdoses at Insite in two days. The spike in overdoses has prompted police to issue another warning about "bad" heroin on the street. Not that there's any such thing as good heroin because it is a poison but this batch is even worse which is indeed a public health risk.

So how about arresting the drug dealers selling the bad heroin? Is that really such an outrageous thought? How can we issue parking tickets but not arrest drug dealers selling harmful drugs in public? That is unequal protection of the law.

Today the Vancouver Province is reporting that it's now 31 overdoses. Insite and the needle exchange program is a failed social experiment. It is dramatically increasing the number of addicts not decreasing them. Harm reduction is in reality harm promotion and the only ones benefiting are the drug dealers selling the poison on the street.

You don't give alcohol to alcoholics as treatment. That would not be humane or socially responsible. Likewise, helping heroin addicts slowly kill their brain and body is not a humane response to addiction. Turning people into zombies has nothing to do with promoting health and welfare. It is the exact opposite. [Dr. Colin Mangham on Insite]

There's a bad batch of ecstasy out there as well. One woman in Saanich just about died from it. The Vancouver Province is reporting that "the active ingredient in ecstasy is MDMA — a drug often not even included in batches of ecstasy."


  1. It is also note worthy that this also tied to the bigger problem of RCMP (Police? ) not acting on PUBLIC TIPS OF SERIOUS DRUG TRAFFICKING (and preventing related CRIMES), especially in SLUM SURREY AREAS!

  2. Why wouldn't you approve my comment from the other day agent k??

    1. No offense but I have a full time job and just do the blog and web site on the side as a free public service. I'm busy. I barely have time to respond to e-mail and keep up with the blog while I'm trying to hurry up and finish my eBook.

      I do not support Insite. At all. I agree with Dr Colin Mangham and former VPD Ninja John McKay on Insite. Insite has not helped the DTES it has perpetuated and magnified the problem a hundred fold. Addiction has increased and is out of control which feeds the predatory violence the drug dealers inflict on the homeless and addicted all around it.

      I do believe in free speech. If someone wants to make a blog about how wonderful Insite is or how wonderful the Hells Angels are they are free to do so. Just not on my dime and not on my watch. I firmly disagree and I don't have time to argue with people about it.


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