Sunday, October 5, 2014

What the Canadian Charter of Rights really does say

Benjamin Franklin once said any nations that expects to be ignorant and free expects what never was and never will be. There's a blog in the States called Bikers of American know your rights. Indeed it's important for every Canadian and every American to know their rights. The right to smoke crack and belong to a criminal organization is not a charter right. It's not that I claim to be an expert on the charter. It's just that the charter is such a short, simple and clear document anyone can read it for themselves. In fact every Canadian should own a copy.

Anyone can view the document online or download the pdf. When I was young my father always used to have a copy on the wall. You can still order a free copy from Heritage Canada but the Harper government is making it increasingly difficult to order a copy because he is very open about the fact that he opposes it, which is somewhat ironic. He claims to be right wing. He claims to love freedom. Yet he does the exact opposite. One of the reasons he doesn't want Canadians to have a copy of it is because his creation of CSEC is illegal.

The other reason is because there has been occasions where the courts have misinterpreted it. Smoking crack is not a charter right. Judges are paid with tax dollars to uphold the law not break it. Mandatory minimum sentences are not a violation of the charter of rights. We currently have mandatory minimum sentences for murder. That does not violate the charter because committing murder is not a charter right either. In fact it is so simple it is infuriating and bizarre how the courts can screw it up so badly.

First I would recommend people read and bookmark the charter for themselves. Second, I recommend people order an attractive copy to post on their wall because every Canadian should indeed own one. Canadian Heritage will send you a free copy. You just have to figure out which link to click on to order one. I tried to order 500 copies to hand out at the mall. I was wiling to pay for them. At first they said no problem. Then someone upstairs pulled the plug and they said they couldn't do it even if I paid for the copies myself. Stephen Harper's government doesn't want that information getting out there because people would realize how frequently he breaks it. Nevertheless, individuals are still entitled to order a copy for themselves and for their family. I highly recommend doing so. This is a pdf file of a color copy of the charter.

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association talks about five fundamental freedoms: The Freedom of assembly, the Freedom of association, the Freedom of expression, the Freedom of religion and the Freedom of information. You don't have to be a brain surgeon to be able to interpret the charter. You don't need to memorize a bunch of watered down jurisprudence that has diluted the charter either. You simply need to look at the document and the historical context of when it was framed to determine the actual intent of the charter. Before the Charter of Rights was the Bill of Rights.

I once heard an American patriot speak about the US Constitution. He believed the day would come when the US Constitution would hang by a thread. Clearly that day has come. He believed that when that day came, inspired citizens who loved liberty would rise up to befriend the constitution and save it from the brink of ruin. Now is the time to rise up in defense of the Constitution. Oath Keepers arise.

The patriot said there are two ways to befriend the Constitution and to save it in our day. The first is to get a copy of it and read what it actually says for yourself. The second is to start reading the Federalist papers and the writings of the founding fathers to understand the historical context in which the Constitution was framed to preserve it's original intent against the legal attempts to dilute it and the brazen attempts by the NSA to throw it away completely.


    Aside, but somewhat associated, on Monday Clicky Clark is going to start a rare session of Parliament on the LNG thorny subject!
    I thought this tag would give you some enlightenment on this COSTLY AND DANGEROUS IDEAL!
    I will forward the other related tag!
    This subject is part of my second Engineering discipline!

  2. Article: Christy Clark's LNG dreams tested in rare fall legislative session
    Here is the BIGGEST PROBLEM - just like Watts/Fordy!

  3. It's a hard call. I'm much more supporting of natural gas then I am of coal or tar sands crude.

    1. OK so fracking is bad. Natural gas is clean burning but loading all those toxic chemicals into that much water is really messed up.


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