Wednesday, August 17, 2022

More Falun gong arrested and tortured in China

Falun info is reporting that "According to information collected by, 2,707 incidents of Falun Gong practitioners being arrested or harassed for their faith were reported in the first half of 2022." So when the Chinese Communist Party claimed they stopped organ harvesting of political prisoners, they lied. They are still doing it and that is something our Mainstream media is completely silent about. The work camps, the torture, the organ harvesting, it's all still going on and the fake news and their fake woke agenda won't cover it. Ask yourself why.


  1. CHINA's actions are disgusting. As to why something hasn't been done by Canada, that is easy; money. China has been permitted in purchase mining companies or shares in rare mineral mines, a lot of money is involved. It had the federal government's "blessing" We ought never to have permitted that.
    For the population in general, they don't want to give up cheap goods if the federal government were to impose a restriction on even one item. i.e. no white t-shirts permitted to be imported from China. You can bet voters would be up in arms.
    The MSM was reporting a former editor of a Chinese language paper produced here in Canada was targetted by the Communist party of China. The man lives in Canada, is a Canadian citizen, but he critized china's actions in Hong Kong and now they want to charge him and have him extrodiated so they can put him on trial. Its almost funny, that China thinks they can tell Canadians what to print, think, say, etc. Like who cares what the Communists in China think about the actions fo Canadian citizens in Canada, when they're not breaking any Canadian laws.
    I find it quite funny when some of these Chinese diplomats get on t.v. and shake their fingers at some countries because they don't like what some one said. Like to they really think we care.
    Whether we like Pelosi or not, if she wants to go to Taiwan, that is her and Taiwan's business. Not Communist China's. Anyhow not many can stop her from doing what she wants. she's 82, still wears high heels, has had 5 children, and has 9 grandchildren, oh, yes and is the Speaker of the House. Not much stops her and China isn't going to stop her either.
    The arresting of members of the Falun Gong and killing them for body parts simply is a crime against humanity. Some countries, ours included, need to grow a set and as a min. call China's embassadors to account for their countries' actions. And we might want to insist no Candian citizens act as honarary consuls for China. China simply has too long a list of human rights violations to be accepted as a "dinner guest". e.a.f.

    1. Nancy Pelosi is the Anti Christ. She is straight up evil. Her trip to Taiwan was a front pretending she opposes China when she is really in bed with China promoting their agenda in the US along with Joe Biden, Mich McConnel and Mitt Romney.

  2. Because if we still retained even a vestige of what we once were, we'd have to do something about it. What they don't get is, we're gonna be doing something about it anyway, except we will be responding rather than initiating. And because the US Government is at this point pretty much completely under Chinese influence. Canada as well.


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