Sunday, August 14, 2022

Cameron Ortis' fake trial begins in September

The Communist Broadcasting Corporation is reporting that "Cameron Ortis, the RCMP official accused of preparing to leak sensitive information, has a new lawyer as his case moves toward a trial date later this year. An eight-week criminal trial is scheduled to start September 6th."

"Earlier this week, Attorney General David Lametti announced that Ian Carter, who has defended Ortis since his arrest back in 2019, has been appointed a judge of the Superior Court of Justice of Ontario in Ottawa. Jon Doody, who works at Carter's firm, is taking over Ortis' defence."

"Ortis, who served as director general of the RCMP's national intelligence co-ordination centre, is charged with violating the Security of Information Act. He is accused of trying to share sensitive information with a foreign entity or terrorist organization and has been charged also with sharing operational information in 2015." Not.

"Trying to share?" This case is a complete fraud. First they claimed he was giving classified information to Communist China. That was a lie. Then they claimed he was sharing operational information with a CI. That was another lie. Vincent Ramos was working for the RCMP.


  1. So why did they go after the guy? Also interesting that they appointed his lawyer to a judgeship. Makes one wonder. e.a.f.

    1. He was most likely a potential whistle blower since he was a civilian and wasn't part of the RCMP sexual harassment old boys club. He was ready to expose them.

    2. The RCMP had encrypted blackberry evidence connecting Larry Amero to several murders but they didn't use that evidence in his trial. Instead of charging Larry, they charged the police agent that was cooperating with them. That's not a conspiracy theory, that's exactly what happened:

      Now they're giving Ramos a get out of jail free card for lying about Cameron Ortis.

    3. Yeah. Nobody wants to pursue serious prosecution of the HA. It only happens when they have been so brazen that the Crown's hands are tied, and, even then, no judge wants to pass sentences comparable to those of members of other organisations, convicted of similar offences.


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