Thursday, August 11, 2022

Project Divergent was launched by Manitoba RCMP

Today in BC is reporting that "The investigation, dubbed “Project Divergent”, began in 2018 when a Manitoba RCMP criminal analyst noticed trends in the importation of drugs into Canada. In partnership with policing agencies across Canada and across the world, investigators managed to target several prominent drug traffickers operating in Manitoba."

"Through their investigative work, police arrested Damion Ryan, a full-patch Hells Angels member with the Attica chapter in Greece. That led to the arrest of 20 individuals, 17 of whom were operating in Manitoba. Two B.C. men, Kelvin Lee Nelson and Mazin Nzar Zandy were charged in the investigation." Wolf Pack fiend Damion Ryan is the very person the CFSEU refused to arrest.

"Officers seized 110kgs of cocaine, 41.4kgs of methamphetamine, three kilograms of fentanyl, a half a kilogram of MDMA, 14 handguns, five assault-style rifles and more than $445,000 in Canadian currency. 'Project Divergent disrupted the supply chain and took these drugs off the street,' said Insp. Grant Stephen, officer in charge of the federal, serious, and organized crime section." Exactly. Enforcing the law saves lives. Lawlessness breeds exploitation.

"Police are still searching for 24-year-old Denis Ivziku, who is believed to be living in the Lower Mainland. They are also searching for 30-year-old Kieffer Michael Kramar who is from Winnipeg but could be anywhere in Canada."

Maybe Denis Ivziku is in Witness Protection along with Jamie Bacon and Robby Alkhalil.


  1. All the projects from Manitoba if you notice start with D i guess for d division building.


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