Saturday, August 27, 2022

The Road Ahead: Examining the Agenda

It's time for me to release another paper explaining the evolution of Gangstersout and the road ahead. The Hells Angels aren't the problem any more. Justin Trudeau and the World Economic Forum are. The media has become absolutely ridiculous. Everyone can see that now. The Agenda behind fake environmentalism has become clear. This new paper talks about how the blog has changed over the years and addresses the agenda we all now face.

The Evolution of Gangsters Out: Examining the Agenda


  1. The "Great Reset": A Blueprint for Destroying Freedom, Innovation, and Prosperity ......

    Without fundamental property rights, strong social institutions, and a dependable legal system, potential inventors have few incentives to build anything new. Humans struggling merely to survive in the world do not waste time, labor, or resources on projects that offer no prospect for future reward. Humans working as servants to the state under centrally controlled economies have no incentive to innovate. Only when private ownership and personal liberty combine can human innovation flourish. Freedom is the secret ingredient to innovation's magic sauce for increasing wealth .....

  2. Fake news and corruption at the top down is why we are so screwed as a society. I never hear of any container bust in the port of Vancouver, meanwhile Australia busts many a shipping container every month, we deserve better in Canada!

  3. Justin Trudeau Hate Club FounderSeptember 6, 2022 at 6:23 PM

    who is gangsterism out? they spend their whole day telling lies about donald trump the set up looks the same as gangstersout but im sure its not you?

    1. Yeah that's not me. He's a Trump hater. I'm not.

  4. I always respected the courage to speak against criminal organizations. Politically the intelligence is lacking unfortunately


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