Monday, August 8, 2022

Vaccine Mandate Trial Documents

Update: Toronto Sun article - Rupa Subramanya article

True North is reporting that "The Federal Court is proactively making documents submitted during a trial on the vaccine mandate for air travel publicly available after journalist Rupa Subramanya’s exclusive report on how the government body in charge of crafting mandates had no members with a medical background."

"In her report, Subramanya laid out how the shadowy Covid Recovery government panel was composed of political appointees and not actual scientists. Among them was director-general Jennifer Little whose educational background included a bachelor’s degree in literature. Only one individual, Monique St.-Laurent had any semblance of training in public health."

"While St-Laurent worked as a government employee at the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), she is not a scientist. The report sheds light on the lack of justification the Trudeau government used to impose some of the harshest mandates in the world including travel restrictions on the unvaccinated. During testimony, Little also revealed that her unit was ordered by very senior officials in the Trudeau cabinet to implement the travel mandates and not PHAC. The panel also struggled to find data to back up the decision to impose the strict restrictions."


  1. Pure pond scum the Turd is.
    Exile in Cuba might be fun for a while.

    1. Rebel News has an amusing T-shirt showing the likeness between Justin and Castro when Castro was young:


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