Wednesday, February 21, 2018

BC Environment minister takes time to listen to voters

It was nice to hear that the BC Environment minister took the time to listen to some voters over dinner. It's rather disturbing how the Post Media Corporate Propaganda Monopoly spun the story. They twisted the headline to read "Environment minister blasted for dinner with anti-pipeline activists on day of trade war." AYFKM?

Taking time to listen to constituents is a good thing. Something politicians don't normally do. I'm sure the Corporate Propaganda Machine would of had no objections had he went to dinner with Kinder Morgan or the Chinese Communist Government that owns our oil rights. I can tell you this: instead of being bribed by Corporate lobbyists, he probably paid for his own dinner. Knowing him he probably had to pay for the dinner of the anti pipeline activists too. So which is worse? Going our for dinner with some concerned citizens or being bribed by a big oil company that wants to turn Vancouver into a Petroleum Coke garbage patch? You tell me.

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