Friday, March 30, 2018

Vancouver Mayors Glutton Council give themselves a raise before election

This is further evidence the Mayors Glutton Council needs to be disbanded. Aside from being a duplication of services, all they do is think up ways to raise taxes so they can spend more money on themselves. The Vancouver Courier is reporting that "The Lower Mainland’s municipal leaders are taking some heat after voting themselves a surprise golden handshake. On Friday last week, the Metro Vancouver board voted to give themselves a 15 per cent raise, and as part of the same motion create a retirement allowance giving outgoing directors a lump sum payment of $1,100 per year they have served retroactive to 2007. Dermod Travis, executive director of the watchdog group Integrity B.C., said elected officials’ remuneration should be set by an independent body."

Outgoing Mayor Moonbeam Gregor Robertson and Surrey's Linda Hepner, the tax and spend Queen of Botox, obviously led the way voting in favor of the raises. The Mayor's Glutton council is a duplication of services. Discussing Regional issues is the Provincial government's responsibility. As one reader pointed out, New York City with a population of over 8.5 million has a single Mayor. The population of Surrey is 472,000.

Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx - they don't each have their own mayor. Brooklyn alone has a larger population than Metro Vancouver combined. Per capita Canadians aren't getting nearly the bang for their buck from their civl politicians that New Yorkers are.

"Voting against it were District of North Vancouver Mayor Richard Walton, West Vancouver’s acting mayor Mary-Ann Booth, Burnaby's Colleen Jordan and Sav Dhaliwal, Coquitlam's Brent Asmundson and Terry O’Neill, Bowen Island's Maureen Nicholson and Area A director Maria Harris." West Vancouver Mayor Michael Smith was on vacation and said that motion was not on the meeting's agenda.


  1. Greedy pigs grabbing all they can...."public servants"....more like "servum us". Sounds familiar somehow......

  2. Poverty by design.
    My CPP Disability
    29-Jan-2018 Preauthorized credit
    from $616.57

    let this sink in: BCHydro monthly payments gone up from $77.00 last year to $89.00 and the laste bill was $91.00.

    meanwhile our corrupt politicians make a killing here in local government, provincial and federal. Evil Triumpsh when good people do nothing.

    and people have the nerve to call this Democracy, I call it Dictatorship, we live in a prison without bars.

  3. Just amazes me they gave themselves a 15% salary increase. its not like they gave that to the staff working in City halls in the regions. they haven't advocated for disability or welfare recepiants to receive a 15% increase and boy do they need it. Retired people, who do not have a private pension certainly don't make that kind of money nor did they receive that kind of increase, as another writer mentioned.

    Voting for your own raise is a conflict of interest and needs to be done away with.

    These mayors already receive a salary from the cities they represent. They don't need a second salary from the council. Attending these meetings are a part of their jobs as mayor. OMG.

    I think mayors in a region getting together on a regular basis to discuss and plan for the region is a great idea, but they don't need to be paid for it. They already receive a salary from their cities.

    1. Actually it's a bad idea because it is a duplication of services from the Provincial government which results in one thing only. The obsession to raise taxes and spend money they don't have to justify their existence.


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