Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Gangsters out now open for business

A new day has dawned. I thought I'd comment on the obvious just to set the record straight. For the first time in recorded history you can see advertising on Gangsters out. I have been stubbornly resistant to the idea for the past nine years because I never wanted to profit from discussing organized crime. I am a volunteer. This is not about the money and never has been. This has always been about the cause. Right and wrong.

One of the pet peeves of the public is how the Main Stream Media is controlled by corporate advertising. Nobody wants to go out like that. However, in the real world everyone advertises. That is how business functions and prospers and I most certainly do support good business.

Throughout history newspapers, television and radio have supported themselves through advertising. The Vancouver Sun has advertising. Even Youtube has adds on them and they aren't intrusive. My daughter has been bugging me about the idea for sometime now and since she has taken the hits from the trolls straight on the chin I've been starting to think about it.

Recently some troll sh*t was bragging about how little money he made from the minuscule traffic he gets impersonating me. I thought to myself, if he can make that much money impersonating me I can make a lot more being me. If having adds on my blog will help me fix my motorcycle and take my road trip across Canada and the US so I can write my book then so be it.

There are a few bugs to work out. Blogger lets me screen adds and say what type of add I do and don't want shown on my blog. I'm not going to have adds on my blog that promote scams, Viagra, pot, porn or anything else shady. This blog aspires to something higher. I'm going to have to fine tune the screening. If you see any add that's questionable please let me know and I'll put it on the block list. That way I can control what kind of adds are on my blog.

Adds for university or post secondary education are perfect. Political adds or religious adds are acceptable within reason. It's all about the Freedom of the Press. We need to keep that going online even when the corporate monopolies destroy it in print and on television.

Erik Prince of Darkness, founder of Academi, formally known as Blackwater, has come out of hiding from his criminal charges of arms dealing and murdering whistle blowers, to consider running for a Senate seat in Wyoming. Why not? If they can make a CIA drug dealer a Fox News host, why not an arms dealing mercenary. May they all rot in Hell.


  1. Congrats on the new move, I hope it works out for you!

    1. I guess it's common sense. The adds I'm reviewing now are all totally credible.

  2. if you know the advertisors and they are credible, then why not. Some blogs have yearly fund raisers, others have a "tip jar", so ads are just fine. It help reduce the cost of running a blog.


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