Friday, March 30, 2018

Bagpipes at Punjabi Wedding

This morning I heard a bagpipe playing with some drums. I thought that doesn't sound like a snare drum like the traditional pipes and drums of Scotland. I look outside and see a Sottish guy with a bagpipe playing across from a Punjabi guy on a Dhol. The house was obviously done up for a Punjabi wedding. I walk up to the limo driver and ask is this a Scottish / Punjabi wedding?

He says no it's an Indian wedding. I'm like, we see Punjabi weddings all the time. What's with the bagpipes? He said sometimes they use bagpipes to lead the wedding procession. I'm like yeah? They have bagpipes in India? I think so he says. Evidently they do. Apparently bagpipes leading the wedding procession is quite common. I had no idea. Cool.

Vaisakhi is April 21st. Diversity makes us strong.

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