Monday, September 12, 2016

George Christie: The Last American Outlaw

I finally watched the movie The Last American Outlaw with George Christie. It's too bad there was a falling out after the film was made. I think it's underlying message of reflecting on lost liberty is timely and important. I noticed an old blog post on the Aging Rebels blog where he talked about the film and said he wrote most of the narration. Obviously he didn't want to get involved in the George Christie Sonny Barger cat fight and has pulled his endorsement.

The movie is f*cking awesome. Nick Mead did a great job. So did the Aging Rebel. Ya'll gotta get your sh*t together. There is a bigger message here that really needs to get out. The initial intent of the film was to provide an alternate view to the series of films about undercover operations targeting bikers and focus on lost liberty as well as shed a light on FBI and ATF tactics.

The ATF lost all credibility after Operation Fast and Furious. Now everything they do is suspect. My free e-book was about two subjects dear to my heart: confronting organized crime and protecting civl liberty. I have a friend that has left Vancouver and now lives in Cali. He recently told me the HAs are different in the US. They aren't all into the drugs like they are in Vancouver.

The aggressive manner in which the FBI and the ATF are targeting the MC movement in the United States should be a concern for everyone. Stephen Sanders, the former president of the San Diego Chapter of Hells Angels was sentenced to 25 years in prison not for drug trafficking but for kicking a guy out of the club. The government's obsession to seize the Mongols patch after a judge already said they couldn't is concerning. It is clear that the government isn't trying to end drug trafficking it's trying to eliminate any organization they see as a threat or are afraid of.

The movie sets out to portray a set of ideals that are currently under seize and claims Outlaws are civil libertarians. The movie states that America has come closer to becoming a police state than it ever has. This is all very true and very concerning. That is the real issue we must confront. Where are the oath keepers who swore an oath to defend the civil liberty in the US Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic because they certainly aren't in office.

There are no club secrets revealed in this film. Michael Bowen wrote the theme song and read the narration. The film captures the real definition of an outlaw biker and claims "Criminals drive mercedes and ride in limousines. Outlaws ride the last American motorcycle." Here in Vancouver they don't ride motorcycles they drive SUVs because they aren't outlaws they are drug dealers.

In his new book Exile on Front street George Christie states:

"People confuse the outlaw and the criminal. Some outlaws commit crimes, but the real outlaw isn’t a criminal by trade. He’s someone who refuses to live by society’s established norms of behavior. He has an internal code and answers only to his own sense of honor and right and wrong. The outlaw doesn’t conform; he rebels. He doesn’t accept; he questions. In the end, the outlaw might change and adapt, but he bends for no man and won’t let his life be defined by someone else. Jesse James was an outlaw but so was Albert Einstein. I’ve been many things - father, son, husband, leader, brother, and friend - but through it all, I was always an outlaw."

Likewise in the movie the Last American Outlaw the narrator states: "It is a great dream to be an outlaw. To be an outlaw is to search for one's moment as Bay Wolf searched. To be an outlaw is to be all at once Robin Hood, Robinson Crusoe, Danial Boone, Wyatt Earp, Jesse James, Clyde Barrow. Outlaws live by their own code."

George Christie said the thing he liked the most about being a member of the Hells Angels was the freedom and the brotherhood. Where is that brotherhood now? George said he left because the club was heading in a direction different than myself. Maybe that's because the club is heading in the wrong direction. Maybe because some in the club want to sell drugs and be a criminal organization. Maybe they are set on pimping the dream instead of living the dream. Maybe they are the ones who sold out not the people who left it. Real Outlaws don't obey unjust orders.

George Christie's new book Exile on Front Street will be released September 20th 2016.

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