Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Double murder and kidnapping in East Vancouver

The Vancouver province is reporting that "Three men have been arrested in relation to a grisly double murder in East Vancouver and the abduction of a third person." Monday we read of a man and woman found dead in an East Vancouver home. Tuesday it was confirmed a homicide and today the full story is revealed. Police responded to an abduction call just before 10 p.m. Saturday. When Vancouver police’s emergency response team arrived they found two bodies inside, a terrified four-year-old child, and evidence of a kidnapping."

"The homicide victims were identified as Samantha Le, 29, and Xuan Vanvy Bacao, 24. Le, Bacao, the child and the unidentified kidnap victim all lived in the house. Police announced the arrest of the three suspects at a news conference Tuesday, a day after a dramatic takedown on East 8th Avenue near Blair Avenue in New Westminster that ended with the rescue of the kidnap victim and the arrest of three men, all in their 20s."

Global is reporting that "On Wednesday, Shamil Amir Ali, 22, Harinam Ananda Cox, 21, and Gopal Figueredo, 24, were all charged with one count of: kidnap with intention to hold for ransom; confine without lawful authority; extortion and aggravated assault. Police believe the murders and abduction were targeted."


  1. WTF is this with this ridiculous "hoodie"? Do these clowns want to stand out? To be caught? Maybe to impress their Grade 8 classmates from years gone by? Wonder how tough these goofy zoo creature will be doing the mandatory 25 for kidnapping...

  2. It sure would be nice to know the "back story" on this one.

    As to their hoodie routine, these guys look like young punks and most likely have watched too many American gang movies with gangster wanna bees wearing hoodies. they think it makes them look tough and frightening. Mostly to me they look silly and draw unnecessary attention to themselves. Would not be surprised if it all turns out to be some tiff that got out of hand. Lets hope these 3 do get their 25 years. It may give some others pause before they try something similar.


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