Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Kelowna RCMP Under Investigation

Castanet is reporting that the Kelowna RCMP is under investigation. All we are being told is that it involves a series of allegations as opposed to a single allegation. Kelowna Superintendent Nick Romanchuk's sudden leave of absence has magically turned into a retirement.


  1. RCMP under investigation AGAIN?? LOL, when are they not....it's like the gang that couldn't shoot straight, except these are cops.....being crims.....

  2. It really is about time we had a regulation which required municipal governments with more than 25K people to have their own police forces. As it is the federal government subsidizes these large municipal RCMP forces. it actually isn't fair to tax payers in other cities and provinces which pay more for policing because they have their own forces.

    The RCMP has not been a good "fit" for our province. It might have been good for some of those officers but for the justice system not so much.

    The RCMP detachment's first loyalty is to Ottawa which pays them, promotes them, rules them, protects them. In some instances the RCMP is starting to look more like a criminal organization than a police force.

  3. "The RCMP is starting to look more like a criminal organization than a police force".

    e.a.f. and agree on something....isn't that one of the signs of the coming apocalypse?

    I always find it amusing that "progressive"/leftist/socialists don't like the police, yet they think only the police and the military should have guns.....


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