Saturday, September 10, 2016

Remembering 911 and Air India - Update

When I first heard Rosie O'Donnell imply 911 was an inside job on the View shortly after that heinous event occurred, I thought that was a bit too much for me to swallow. At the time I could not entertain the thought. Michael Moore put out a movie called Fahrenheit 911 which implied the same thing and at the time it seemed too far fetched for me to get my brain around. Then years later I heard Jesse Ventura ask how did the third tower collapse into it's own blueprint at freefall speed when no planes hit it. My response to that was what third tower? I didn't even know a third tower collapsed on 911. Not only that but the BBC reported that it collapsed before it actually did.

Then I watched Loose Change 911 which talked about Operation Northwoods and was astounded. No conspiracy theorist made up Operation Northwoods. That declassified document is real and still needs to be addressed. During the Cuban Missile crisis Allen Dulles, the director of the CIA submitted a proposal to kill American civilians on American soil and blame it on Cuba to gain public support for an invasion. It was signed and approved by Lyman Lemnitzer the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. If Kennedy hadn't vetoed the treasonous plot, they would have implemented it. That is a historical fact.

After that I went to a local town hall meeting and watched 9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out which emphasizes how engeneers and experts in the field of controlled demolition all agree that 911 was a controlled demolition simply because steal framed buildings do not collapse at freefall speed into their own blueprint unless the load bearing beams are blown out.

In Canada CSIS had a handler that planned the Air India bombing and provided the explosives for that horrific murder. CSIS was also caught funding ISIS in Syria. History has recorded that.

9/11 Smoke and Mirrors

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Update: Remember the movie the Towering Inferno? Fire does not cause steel framed buildings to collapse. On April 3rd Chechnya’s tallest building, a luxury hotel, caught fire and burned for 29 hours before finally being put out. The building is completely destroyed, however it did not collapse. Here is a list of Other Fires in Steel-Structure Buildings. Rethink 911.


  1. it is hard to know for sure, what happened. Structural engineers may have one opinion, but really how do we know for sure. it isn't like a lot of jets run into high rises.

    Di the Americans know it was going to happen? perhaps. we do know billions have been made on the war it led to.

    It was a masterfull p.r. campaign which has led to all these monuments, etc. keeping the story alive. But really, so far this year Chicago has had almost 500 people shot to death, so if you look at the numbers of dead, the deaths in 911, its isn't that much. My question is, why the carry on. It was less than 4K people and millions on this earth die each year because of war. Just the number of children dying due to preventable reasons.

    We will not know for sure in our life times. For me, it happened, it has horrific, its over. no war ought to have been started over it.

    1. If terrorists did it or if it was an Operation Northwoods either way it is a colossal event. No planes hit the third tower. There is no way it could have collapsed at freefall speed into it's own blueprint unless the load bearing beams were blown out.

      Even the twin towers didn't fall like an accordion. One could in theory consider that a plane crashing into a building might cause that floor to collapse which would put pressure on the floor below it creating a domino effect. However that is not what happened. They also fell at freefall speed with no resistance. The load bearing beams were blown out just like in every other controlled demolition. It didn't tip over either it fell straight into its own blueprint. That video Explosive Evidence Experts Speak out is well worth watching.

  2. Suppose we were able to irrefutably prove this was a false flag attack. An attack authorized and engineered by who knows how many government officials which our democratic society pays and elects to act as our representatives?

    Where does that put democracy and our future? The future of the free world?

    1. Excellent question. The reality of Operation Northwoods forces us to ask that question. I suppose it goes along with the mainstream media debate. How can we be free if the press isn't. I think if we use our brains and aren't swayed into giving up civl liberty for any reason, then there is still hope. Like the Charles Dickens quote these are the worst of times and the best of times simultaneously. The potential for good or evil still exists.

    2. Great, but quite vague. How do we form an agenda whereby we unite en masse and out rule the party platform? Isn't the will of the majority the basis of democracy? If democracy has failed us at its basic routes how do we proceed?

      Best of times, worst of's all in the beholder. Good and evil will always exist.

    3. Unite en masse and out rule the party platform? I don't see that happening for two reasons. The first is apathy and censorship the second is both parties have been corrupted. George Bush was Republican but president Lyndon B. Johnson was Democrat. The best thing we can do is educate the public.

  3. This is a lnk to an interesting video clip a blog reader just sent in:

    I don't know if the video is real or fake but I do know Operation Northwoods was real.
    So was what happened to the USS Liberty:

  4. we can carry on about what caused it, who caused it, etc. but its a done deal. the people are dead. end of story. if their own government did it, really what can the citizens do? its not like they are going to start a civil war over it. mIGHt take time away from the malls and t.v. and football. time to move on to things we can effect. The American government doesn't care all that much. the First Responders who were involved either during or with the clean up still have to wait and fight each year with Congress to have their medical extended. Jon Stewart would have them on his show each year, a group of them, to shame Congress into passing a bill to pay for their medical care. Each year there were fewer, until last year, there was only 1. they had all died of cancer, but yet Congress still didn't want to pay for their medical care. Yet there they all are on 11 'sept. with their ceremonies etc. Like its too bad people are dead, but they might want to put some effort into ensuring the survivors get decent medical care.

    it always amazes me how americans are so willing to send their young into war to be killed, have such lavish ceremonies about them being dead, but refuse to pay or force people to fight for pensions and medical care afterwards. You'd think Americans and Canadians would get the message, you are only cannon fodder, beyond that you are of no use to us.

    1. Not paying soldiers' pensions and medical expenses is a good point. However, it's important to talk about 911 just like it's important to talk about the holocaust because history tends to repeat itself until we learn from it.

      Everyone seems to think the Germans were so horrible for supporting Hitler but were they really? Hitler burned down parliament and blamed it on terrorists to introduce his own patriot act. Then he burned down a radio station and blamed it on Poland to justify an invasion. The rest is history. If our leaders did the same thing here, would we have the courage and insight to see through it? Perhaps not.


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