Sunday, September 4, 2016

Nine fentanyl overdoses in 20 minutes

CBC reported that "Authorities across the province are seeing fentanyl being cut into or passed off as cocaine, and that is causing them to fear the powerful opioid could be extending its reach. Delta Police suspect fentanyl was in the cocaine that caused nine people to overdose within a 20-minute period overnight on Aug. 31. The nine individuals were all recreational users who believed they were just taking cocaine, Delta police Chief Neil Dubord said."

Vice dot com is reporting that "all of the patients who were treated knew each other, were friends, and likely got their stash from the same batch and dealer." It made front page news in July when crack cocaine cut with fentanyl on the Whalley strip, which is supplied by members of the Hells Angels, caused 36 overdoses in one weekend but when people were passing off cocaine as fentanyl inside a Hells Angels owned bar caused a fatality, the press never covered it. After I reported it the police finally admitted that some other drugs were found to be laced with fentanyl as well. In that incident there was no cocaine found in one of the overdose victim just fentanyl. That means they were selling straight fentanyl pretending it was cocaine.

Not arresting the drug dealers selling fentanyl to unknowing suspects is absolutely insane. Instead of arresting the drug dealers selling the tainted crack Bill Fordy danced all around them putting up warning posters to users because he is too much of a pussy ass bitch to actually do anything about about it. If you won't do your job step aside and let someone else more qualified do it. Fraser MacRae was a Rock Star, Bill Fordy never came close.

Previously we posted a link to a video about the fentanyl drug trade in Calgary. Those were people addicted to fentanyl knowingly buying it. Here no one wants fentanyl so the drug dealers are mixing it in to get people addicted to the drug to increase business. That is evil and irresponsible. Everyone knows that if you reward bad behaviour the behavior does not stop it continues. That is exactly what we see happening. It's time to stop rewarding the drug dealers for selling fentanyl and start arresting them. It's that simple. Bill Fordy: RESIGN!


  1. If Bill Fordy failed to do his job, it might be appropriate for him to be arrested. One could conclude he is in collusion with the drug dealers if he won't arrest them, after a fatality. You'd think the Surrey RCMP might step up enforcement.

    if 9 people thought they were doing cocaine and were actually ingesting F. then perhaps its time to arrest the dealer on attempted murder charges or something related. I'm sure the recreational uses know who their dealer is and most likely were of the opinion the drugs were what they were supposed to be. if nothing else there are laws about telling people they are buying one thing and selling them another.

    Bill Fordy is a bit of a looser when it comes to being an RCMP officer. Perhaps they could move him to OTTAWA sooner than later. its not like the City of Surrey can deal with his lack of ability to do his job.

    Oh, and please don't ask for his resignation. He isn't going to do that. He makes too much money and that "promotion" he got is going to increase his pension very nicely. the fact that many will die between now and then is of little consequence to Fordy, Hepner, the Surrey City Council, or the head of the RCMP. If it were, they'd have done something about Surrey's "little problem" a long time ago.

  2. :Russianaccent: "In People's Republik of Kanada, drugs do YOU......" ;-)


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