Thursday, September 15, 2016

Investigation extended into Victoria Chief of Police

The Times Colonist is reporting that "Investigators looking into allegations of misconduct by Victoria's embattled police chief have once again been granted more time to complete their work. The Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner has extended the timeline for a series of investigations involving Chief Frank Elsner. He is alleged to have sent inappropriate Twitter messages to the wife of one of his officers, then is accused of making false statements and deleting data arising from the original investigation. The reviews were scheduled to be done by Friday, but investigators asked for more time and were granted an extension until Nov. 30."

Sudbury dot com is reporting that the Soap opera continues in case of former Sudbury police chief. CBC is reporting that Frankie calls parts of B.C. Police Act unconstitutional. Isn't that ironic? Now all of a sudden he cares about civl liberty. This guy is a piece of garbage and is the perfect example of everything that's wrong with the police department nowadays.

Hitting on the wife of an officer under his command. He should never return to that position. How can the officers under him respect him after that? The public deserves better. This isn't just a one time thing. This is a climate of unprofessionalism that permeates the RCMP as well as each of the regional police forces. All Hail Bill Fordy the dancing monkey himself. Friends of Craig Callen.

Sudbury Living Magazine reported that for many years while working under cover Frank Elsner "associated with criminals and partied with drug users, bikers, and hookers. He set up elaborate drug deals, disappeared for weeks on end, was involved in a hitman operation, and had multiple aliases." Looks like nothing has changed now has it. This case ties in with the ATF's predisposition for corruption. Stay tuned.


  1. I believe you mean "a climate of (un)professionalism".....

  2. one could say the police chief has brass balls for wanting to brazen this out. Does he hope some one will go away and die? You wonder why the investigative committee wants more time? do they hope the chief will resign, they are uncovering more dirt or hoping it will all go away. Whatever the case, the guy can no longer head a police dept. He has lost the moral authority to do so. Handing out parking tickets perhaps, but that is it.

    1. They probably want more time to see what the court says on his application to crush the discipline over his perceived charter rights violation.

  3. This guy is the Chief of Police in Victoria?? pls...


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