Monday, September 19, 2016

BC's' Fentanyl Crisis - the Faces of Fentanyl

BC's Fentanyl crisis is in the news. People are dying left right and centre. Previously we posted a video to a documentary on Calgary's Fentanyl crisis which was fundamentally different than BC's crisis. Fentanyl is a horrible drug that is very damaging and very addictive. The people in Calgary were addicted to Fentanyl and buying it knowingly. Nobody in BC wanted it so the drug dealers started putting it in other drugs so people would get addicted to it unknowingly and the'y'd have a repeat customer for life. What little left there was of it. That is predatory.

Last night on the National CBC ran a documentary on the new face of Fentanyl taking a case right here form the famous Surrey Strip where everyone in the country now knows the police let drug dealers sell drugs in public without arresting them and can see the horrific damage that practice has caused. We need to follow up on the case to make sure Kati isn't killed for doing the interview. We need to protect the source.

Despite the physical transformation Kati has undergone, when listening to her story we can still hear her heart and he touched by it. Her kind gentle spirit reminds me of Janice Shore who was brutally murdered in Surrey when she could no longer pay for the drugs she was using. Kati said she has always had an addictive personality whether that be shopping or facebook. People wouldn't normally liken spending time shopping or on facebook as an addiction. Kati is very humble and genuine. She said her dealer said to her one day he has some new pills that are 100 times more powerful than the oxy she was on but are only $5 more. Do you want to try them? She said sure and now she is addicted and the drug is eating her alive.

This has shown us exactly what harm promotion has done. By dancing all around the predatory drug dealers and rewarding them for lacing the crack with Fentanyl they have now achieved their goal just like in Calgary. People are now addicted to Fentanyl and are starting to buy it knowingly. Rewarding drug dealers for conning people has created a tidal wave of more addiction and more deaths. History has recorded that.

We also need to remember that there is another face of Fentanyl in Surrey. The face of Leanne Yardley, a hard working mother with an education and career who was out for a night to get a break and did a line of cocaine socially. Turns out it wasn't cocaine it was straight up Fentanyl. She died instantly. Selling Fentanyl passed off as cocaine in evil. Not arresting the drug dealers who do that makes us culpable in those murders. Harm promotion has failed. We need to stop kicking the cat and arrest the drug dealers selling Fentanyl. Failing to do that is not social justice. It is criminally insane. Si vis pacem, para bellum.


  1. Kati may not be long for this many fentanyl users aren't. Seems to have real strong withdrawal "pains". I wonder where it stacks up against Heroin...which has been making a strong come back in the States, seemingly thanks to the Sinaloa Cartel

    1. Yes we can only wish Kati the best. That other CBC documentary did mention the Mexican cartel had started expanding into growing opium for heroin thanks to all the support they got from Operation Fast and Furious. Tax dollars hard at work.

  2. the police ought to spend a tad more time trying to arrest Fent. dealers or those who lace other drugs with fent. and charge them with attempted murder. Everybody knows Fent. kills so if you manufacture anything with the drug, in my opinion its attempted murder. Of course that may take some work, and hell don't see any body volunteering for that one in government.

    1. Indeed. Dancing all around them and bending over backwards to help them make money off of the downtrodden is just plain wrong. Even the Surrey Drug Users Network were complaining about the drugs being laced with Fentany. That gave the police a free license to arrest those dealers but they dropped the ball again.

  3. I've been trying to tell people this for years.....


    They care only about themselves and their position. OF COURSE they have to pretend to care, how could they sit there and admit they don't? They couldn't of course, people would be up in arms, the local CO-OP would be sold out of pitchforks. The problem is that you believe what they say when all the evidence to the contrary is right in front of your eyes.

    If they cared about you they'd fix the problem we're talking about here, among others. They'd at least allow you to protect yourself from the predators. But then you'd realize you don't need them, and that the responsibility for your lives is yours, not theirs. That's the last thing they want.

    You accept the brainwashing they give you and consider yourselves enlightened. If everything was not as they say, well, then you might have to get off your sofa, turn off the TV, and do something about it. Can't have that can we?

    Never mind, if you were either capable or deserving, we wouldn't be having this conversation. Go to work and pay your taxes slave, and if you don't want to do that, it's OK, we'll give you some money we took from someone who does.


    1. The police know who sold the drugs to leanne Yardley, why he is not in jail or up on charges thus far is ridiculous. These losers who do this to society need harsh punishment, they take mothers from there children, what could be worse in society? What the fuck is wrong with this? Get rid of them all, and hurry up. Nice life hurting people for money and greed, this is what they do, they don't deserve a life. They ruin life, period.


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