Thursday, September 8, 2016

Cross Border Policing is still a Bad Idea

Well this is rather shocking. Despite the fact that Stephen Harper lost the last election, his insane cross border policing plan is still on the table. The Canadian Press is reporting that "Canadian diplomats will be pushing for the adoption of border legislation as the current U.S. Congress convenes for its final few months of business." WTF? Why in God's name would they do that?!

Cross border policing is still a bad idea. CBC reported that "A Canada-U.S. initiative to create new, cross-border, law-enforcement teams has been postponed due to unresolved concerns about how to treat police officers accused of breaking the law." You got it folks. The concern is how to treat police officers who break the law.

When the Americans found out that cops in Canada can get charged with murder for shooting someone without just cause they said no way and wanted diplomatic immunity. Giving a foreign police force jurisdiction in a foreign country is insane. Giving them diplomatic immunity to shoot whoever they want is a criminal act. Laura Dawson is a raging lunatic. She does not speak for Canada. Looks like we're going to have to start handing out more flyers at the border.

Laura Dawson is all about NAFTA chapter 11 and claims giving up Canadian sovereignty to Communist state run Corporations in China will bring billions and billions of dollars to Canada. She doesn't seem too concerned about giving up civl liberty or about setting up private medical clinics in Canada where they can make billions of dollars from organ harvesting prisoners of conscience. That doesn't seem to matter to her. It matters to me.

Operation Fast and Furious is a threat to National Security.


  1. Doesn't matter if it's a bad idea. It's going to happen, follwed by the amalgamation of our financial infrastructure, followed by world war three as the world bank continue to push into nations they have failed to get into to. Hungary will be the next nation we start hearing government propaganda about being that they have pushed out the world bank.

  2. Nothing really new about this, and not just near the border either, there were incidents 15-20 year ago where US cops on some kind of "exchange" program were pulling people over in BC.

  3. cross border police forces, not so much. American cops have this tendency to shoot and kill people of colour. wouldn't be a good idea at all. We don't need that kind of policing in Canada.

    Like the cop in Alabama who assaulted an elderly man from India, who was simply walking down the street. The cop is returning to work. The cop used a leg sweep, which is against protocol. The man went to intensive care. (legal schnauzer blog)

    Some times its hard to tell who are the criminals and who are the cops in America. Keep them out of Canada.

    1. The fact of the matter is, police officers in America kill more whites than they do blacks, and more Hispanics than they do blacks. (Not more Asians though for some reason.) The difference is, whites and hispanics don't riot and burn down their own neighbourhoods when it happens.

      Unlike Canada, where there are usually no real consequences for bad cops, in the case you mention in Alabama the officer in question was arrested by his fellow officers, charged with assault, and fired from the Madison AL PD. He is only being re-instated after two juries in Federal Civil Rights trials deadlocked on a verdict. Tell us again about how much better Canada is when holding police officers accountable? LOL.

      You don't need American cop in Canada any more than we need Canadian cops in America.

  4. American Interests becoming involved in Canada's financial system would be devastating. It is astonishing the US have been somehow able to relinquish transparency of the gold standard without any question as to their motivation nor questioning regarding the "supposed" reserves which back the value of their dollar. China has purchased most, if not all, of the US physical gold reserves. What backs the value of the US dollar?


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