Saturday, September 3, 2016

Trudeau dances around organ harvesting

Trudeau's recent trip to China has been a colossal disappointment. They spent the whole time dancing in the sunshine without mentioning a word about forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience which China Uncensored refers to as China's Secret Holocaust.

Justin Trudeau's trip to China represents the one two punch knocking out civl liberty once and for all. The first devastating blow was delivered by Stephen Harper on his last trip to Communist China where he signed a controversial trade agreement that had nothing to do with free trade and everything to do with giving up Canadian sovereignty. NAFTA chapter 11 times a thousand. While he was doing that, back at home the parliamentary committee on human rights passed a resolution denouncing China's practice of organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience.

Harper knew all about it. He told the press that he was concerned about China's human rights abuses but those words meant nothing because while he was saying that he signed a secret trade agreement with them that handed over Canadian sovereignty to Chinese Communist corporations. Actions speak louder than words and Harper revealed his sinister plot to kill the Canadian Charter of Rights once and for all.

Shockingly, Justin Trudeau has once again followed in Harper's footsteps and delivered the final knockout punch to civl liberty. He is well aware of China's practice of organ harvesting from political prisoners. There have been rallies across the country that sent mail in petitions prior to his trip as well as the production of the film the Bleeding Edge in Vancouver. Likewise Trudeau also said he was concerned about China's human rights and said we need to have frank discussions about it. Then in the same speech he had the audacity to belittle their murder and torture by emphasizing equal rights for woman. AYFKM? A-Y-F-K-M? What a freaking clown.

For God's sake man grow a pair. You've lived in Vancouver. You know how passionate we are about social justice. When you piss on liberty's flame like that you diminish all of us. The main stream media is equally to blame. Instead of covering the Bleeding Edge on Trudeau's visit they glamorize the visit by outsourcing the freedom of the press and turning it into a trashy hollywood tabloid. Revolutionary Communism is a greater threat to civl liberty and world peace than Islamic extremism ever will be. Canada announces the opening of 7 new visa offices in China. Will Wang Zhiwen get one? What in God's name has happened to our country?

We used to care about human rights. We used to be international peacekeepers. Stephen Harper killed that vision and Justin Trudeau is the new poster boy selling that murder to the public.

What happens when a Communist corporation from China opens up a private medical clinic in Canada that sells organs from prisoners of conscience? The new trade agreement says we can't stop them from making a profit just like NAFTA chapter 11 prevented us from banning the dumping of toxic waste. The true north strong and free has become the land of the boiling frogs.

So when these same Corporate Communists take over the EU and start executing political prisoners in Europe for organ harvesting so the rich can have organs at the poor's expense, who will oppose them? There aren't many Falun Gong in Europe so who will they pick on? The Catholics? The Protestants? The Muslims or Jews? After that who will be left? Maybe they'll just start with the MCs. Mark my word, this gross injustice in China affects all of us.

In 2012, 64 percent of transplanted organs in China came from executed prisoners. The rest came from living prisoners because you dont have to kill a prisoner to take a kidney, cornea or part of a liver. Chinese culture doesn't support volunteer organ donation. China doesn't have enough donors to supply its own need let alone supply a huge foreign market like it does.

A line in the movie the Bleeding Edge states sometimes a change of heart can be fatal. It has a double meaning. It is referring to people who join the Falun Gong or any other religious belief. They become political prisoners and are executed for their organs. In the movie a patient received a heart transplant. His literal change of heart was fatal for a political prisoner.

China's Hospital Built for Murder. This is where the modern execution of political prisoners occur. The patients are alive until their heart is removed for a transplant. They are killed to order.

David Kilgour was a Liberal MP from Edmonton who spoke out against the practice.

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  1. What goes on in China is of little interest to business in Canada. They want to make money. Few in Canada actually know about the organ harvesting business in China, so Trudeau doesn't have to worry about it all that much. The MSM isn't going to mention it. Sunday evening the first 8 minutes of global news was about car accidents in B.C. Now tell me, was that the only real news in the world on Sunday, 4 Sept 2016? Of course not, but its cheap and no one gets any real information unless they check the blogs.


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