Thursday, December 15, 2011

Edmonton's 45th homicide

Another gun related murder in Edmonton Wednesday night. This surpasses Edmonton's record for the most murders in one year. An awful lot of them are gun related. Hard to believe they're not related to the drug trade that the Hells angels there clearly control. Almost half are young men. There was also that RCMP officer accused of shooting to death his wife at their Edmonton home.

This in addition to the two shootings in 24 hours in Vancouver. One of which was another mother executed in her car with her toddler in the Back Seat. Sounds like something the Bacon brothers did in Surrey a while back. This is outrageous.


  1. AGAIN??

    The government may wish to re-think that whole ban on armored vehicles thing before a third mother is shot to death in a targeted hit with kids in the vehicle. I'm not seeing how preventing people from owning a vehicle such as that, which is a passive defensive measure, is really "targeting criminals". If the government wanted to do that they could arrest them and put them in jail for long periods of time. There's a novel idea, huh? Just use that whippin' boy to the south as a model for sentencing guidelines. Anyone caught with multiple kilo's of meth and coke would do 20-30years to life down there. Real "life", not "life = 10 years" so 10 years = paroled in 7 to return to the only thing they know.

    This whole no armored vehicles thing is a joke anyway. When was the last time the police were prevented from their dealings with criminals by the fact that they owned one of these? That's right, never.

    I can think of no reason why a law abiding citizen should not be able to own and wear a vest if they like. The criminals will have one anyway if they want it, just like they will have guns. You would think the fact that criminals are not dissuaded by laws would be obvious. Apparently there are people in positions of responsibility who do not get this.

  2. I did think the armoured vehicle ban was kind of strange. I can see how usually only gang members would drive around in such but it was a weird ban nonetheless. The same with banning vests. I can see their intent but you're right a law biding citizen shouldn't be banned from owning or wearing one. I will admit however, banning Jonathon Bacon from driving an armoured vehicle has effectively solved that problem once and for all.

  3. I have a feeling that no one intelligent enough in 2016 entertains the truisms and repercussions of bans on modifying your own personal mode of transportation for the purposes of personal safety. This does not always fall under the spectrum of right or wrong or "law abiding" anything. It falls under the we can take any and all rights to your safety as an individual if we want because criminals are bad, and if you modify a vehicle with armor you are too and should be classified as such. Wake up. Next we will be banning 12 ft barrier walls and razor wire around personal properties. Where does this stop. This is Dan Bell for Action Canada signing off. Goodnight.


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