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Christmas Epiphany 2011

Well here it is. I'm going to post the Christmas Epiphany early this year because I have a ton of stuff to do and my computer is screwed. An epistle is a letter. An epiphany is an awakening. Buddhists say Nirvana. In Zen they say enlightenment. An epiphany isn't a full scale Nirvana or enlightenment. It's just a small step in that direction. A light goes on and after connecting the dots in two previously unrelated items things all of a sudden make sense.

When I first started this blog and web site people kept asking me what my hate is for the Hells Angels. By now they don't ask that any more because the Hells Angels violent control of the drug trade has become clear.

One thing is certain and that's the Rizzuto family are getting wiped off the planet by what appears to be non Italians. Most of the hits aren't following the norm. A sniper shooting the patriarch through the window in front of his family. Firebombing a funeral home where a funeral was to take place. That was abnormally disrespectful. That's something that neither the Italians or the French would do. They have more respect for the dead than that.

People ask me who I think is responsible and I say the Hells Angels to which they respond of course you do. Yet while combing through some English translations of some French news articles I had an Epiphany. It was at that time my computer had an intrusion attempt that crashed my whole system completely.

Speaking of talking about things I have no idea about, I'm going to mention the Italian Mafia in Canada. Since I'm from the West coat, I know next to nothing on the subject. I know the Italians use to have gill nets and wine with a small bonfire in Ambleside beach back in the day. No harm in that. Yet I went for lunch with an author from Montreal last month and he said what surprised him most was when the Rizzutos gave Mom Boucher the heroin trade way back when. I said the Rizzutos gave the Hells Angels the heroin trade in Montreal? and he said yes. They had to pay the Rizzutos a cut but the family let the Hells Angels take it over because it was easier for them to manage.

Well I said. That would kinda support my theory that it's the Hells Angels putting hits on the Rizzuto family simply because they don't want to pay them a cut any more. Now before you scoff and cry blasphemy, let's look at an interesting article in French from January 2007. Translated into English it claims:

A family of Granby has used threats and intimidation for two years to recover $900,000 with the leaders of the Rizzuto clan, learned the Royal Canadian Mounted Police during its investigation of the Sicilian Mafia. The conflict has almost degenerated into bloody war.

In a document of 131 pages to accompany requests for search warrants, the RCMP said the episode in detail, as the organization (the Rizzuto clan) is having a conflict with the D'Amico family of Granby.

In January 2004, the clan chief, Vito Rizzuto, was arrested at the request of the Americans who accuse him of being involved in a triple murder on behalf of the Bonanno family in New York. His lieutenant, Francesco Arcadi, takes the lace. A month later, Luigi D'Amico him phone the restaurant to his son, St. Charles La Trattoria, in Granby, to make an appointment.

At the end of the afternoon, the RCMP hidden cameras reveal the presence of Arcadi, Luigi d'Amico and his son Tiziano back in the office of the Consenza social club, which serves as the headquarters of the clan Rizzuto, Saint-Léonard. It is unclear what men have said. But in August 2005, Arcadi told a sidekick that "bikers" of Granby wanted to "cut off his head."

Halloween night, 2005 Nicola Varacalli from the Rizzuto clan is kidnapped. The police know who the kidnappers. But it seems that they have kidnapped Varacalli to send a message to the Rizzuto clan.

Negotiations continue with the kidnappers. RCMP captures a multitude of conversations. Thus, in the bar Laennec, another haunt of the Rizzuto clan in Laval, a henchman of Arcadi, Lorenzo Giordano, mentions the name Patrizio D'Amico, he associates the "frenchman" (Hells Angels). He suggested paying half a million now and $ 400 000 later, when Varacalli will be released. It has been said that D'Amico family of Granby is linked to the Hells Angels.

This article is in English: Montreal kingpins rattled by small-town gang. On Aug. 22, 2006, a scuffle outside a downtown restaurant between Mr. Del Balso and Hells Angels supporter Charles Huneault ended with the Mafia men opening fire on Mr. Huneault's Porsche.

When an underling urged him to cool off, Mr. Del Balso said: “So why does this guy (Mr. Huneault) have the honours of grabbing my throat?” A week later, the gang was flustered further when one member, Domenico Macri, was shot dead by two motorcyclists as he was motoring towards Mr. Arcadi's home.

This French article translated into English claims: The report, citing a New York journalist and confidential sources, shows that the decision to kill Rizzuto did not require approval of the Bonanno family in New York as many have suggested. The decision would come from Hamilton, Ontario where three Calabrian families share the power, Papalio the Luppino and Musitano.

These clans could ally with Calabrian already well established in Quebec, as Luigi D'Amico, of Granby, who would do business with the Hells Angels Sherbrooke and Francesco Del Balso, a specialist in money laundering.

Sources also assume that Francesco ACARD, a close Rizzuto might change sides. "Everything is possible, says John Galianos. We saw the Rock Machine to join the Hells Angels." (Must be referring to Mom Boucher's old friend Salvatore Cazzetta who crossed over to become the President of the Montreal Hells Angels)

To make a long story short, the kidnapping of Nicola Varacalli Halloween 2005 was pivotal. The Hells Angels were behind it. They were blackmailing the Rizzuto family. They said they were ready to cut off their head and were ready to bring them a war like in Iraq. That tension increased in 2006 with the retaliatory murders of Charles Huneault and Domenico Macri. Mon Dieu! I may be crazy but the Hells Angels are clearly at the root of our drug and organized crime violence in Canada.


  1. Wow, great article. See, this is you at your best, informed speculation with enough real info to back it up. A great little read, congrats and a Merry Christmas.

  2. Thank you for another great Christmas epiphany. Good wishes for you & your loved ones now & in the new year.

    Who shoots the Rizzutos is perhaps not clear, but after saying it could be HA, you go on to note that Calabrians could have given the plot to kill the old Rizzuto. Many articles I have seen, have said that the various hits including the one sniper shot, could have been Italian based, not bikers, as this sniper thing was also done long ago to the Calabrians by Rizzutos, so this could have been their style of remembering. One doesn't think the bikers have the sophistication to take over all the construction-business empire the Rizzutos have. They do so much the bikers don't have the inside edge on. For me, and I read on Mafia a lot (*Sixth Family* on Rizzutos), it's still the Italians fighting.

  3. Thanks. This Hells Angels thing is bigger than I had imagined. The Montreal author I went for lunch with felt personally it was the Hells Angels in alliance with the Calabrians. I am told historically the Calabrians were soldiers not generals. The Hells Angels did kidnap and extort the Rizzutos in 2005 even though the book the Sixth Family claims they were working with the Hells Angels. Until the Hells Angels got too greedy of course. The Hells Angels have a history of betraying everyone they work with including the Calabrians until they take over everything. As for the construction industry in Montreal, I think the press was pretty clear about the Hells Angels involvement in that through Marvin put your shirt back on Ouimet. I think the the D'Amico family of Granby are central to the current struggle. Merry Christmas.

  4. I am an avid reader from Montreal and I have to say Agent K that I am in disappointed in this read. Not even the general public is scared of HA in Montreal anymore. Hell even the Rock Machine have the balls to wear there colors out in the streets and strip clubs. The police have dismantled the brains of the HA and there isnt much support for them left. It will be years before they can re-establish themselves in to the force they once were. Whoever of significance is left is also very closley watched. The Quebecers have no tolerance for biker gangs as they have no care for society and frankly seem to be un-human. I do agree that the Damico family is definitley some how entangled in this web of Montreal problems but they are not a biker gang, they have loose affiliations at best. Montreal is different then BC. The bikers have a different place in our underworld. If you want some insight on the underworld from someone in the know, just say the word, we can email or chat back and forth.

  5. I welcome any insights you may have. Just click on the link in my profile to send me an e-mail. However, the Hells Angels aren’t just big in BC, they’re global. They are actively engaged in the drug trade across Canada. As I recall there was a long biker war in Quebec that held the public hostage for many years. Quebecers are wonderful. Yet they have the same problems we have in Vancouver.

  6. You may recall a biker war, but I lived it so believe me you I remember but this article isn't talking about the past, you are talking in reference to current events. Current events which you do not have the knowledge to speculate about and you lose credibility anytime you loosely associate things that aren't true. Just because there was a biker war doesn't mean bikers are in control or have the capacity to take control. The biker war actually cost the HA they're power in Montreal. All they did was fuel funding for law enforcement.

    Now obviously I have to agree that the HA are global, but in control globally...the answer is no...Like any criminal organization they all have they're time and as of right now in Montreal, it just isn't they're time. In BC, it is they're time and they go largely uncontested and it will stay that way until law enforcement rounds them up, they are to big to be contested by another criminal organization in BC for now. Now people like yourself feel that the law enforcement isn't doing anything about the HA and things are to obvious for them not to be cuffing them, but like in Quebec, it takes years and years to prosecute all HA members all at one shot. If they go after a few of them the others will just change they're ways of operating and the cops start all over again from zero. Just like in Quebec you will see a day in BC where all full patch HA are arrested or most of them and that will be the end of the HA in BC for a bit, not forever. But Agent K have patience....knowing something is one thing, proving it is another. You will see the HA fall one day...

    Let's make some clarifications. The HA were not behind the kidnapping of Nicola Varacalli and if you can find any type of evidence or anything that would slightly point towards that I would like to see it(ie a reference in a book, maybe a newspaper article?, anything? nope!). Rizzutos had a beef with the Damico family which in turn flexed its muscle. This was a direct message from the Damico family, not HA.

    What also doesn't make sense is Francesco Arcadi siding with the other team when you claim the other team consists of the Damicos. It is completely possible for him to switch sides, but if the other side consists of the Damicos then why would they side with someone they originally had a problem with and called them wankers? Arcadi had no faith in that organization. At the end of the day they kidnapped Nicola Varacalli because of a beef they had with Arcadi...and it is largely believed when Arcadi's truck was shot at that it was the Damicos. Why would Arcadi trust them? When they already attempted to take his life...? It is also documented through wire taps that the Damicos had no faith in Arcadi and that is why they wanted to deal only with Nick Rizzuto SR to solve they're dispute.

    The HA is done in Quebec for now. Now by saying that I don't mean they are inactive, I am just saying compared to what they did have and what they have known they are done. I think in the next 1-2 years you will see them reappear with a vengeance and it will be another bloody gang war but it won't be Italians on the receiving end, it will be all the street gangs in Montreal that took over the street level territory that the HA once commanded. Give them some time to regroup(a few just got let out of prison on a technicality), give them time to get together some solid puppet gangs and bang, here we go again.

  7. Sorry but I personally think that is bullshit propaganda. The Hells Angels are compulsive liars. That’s all they do. We don’t sell drugs we just ride motorcycles. We don’t run prostitution rings and use extreme violence against anyone who sells drugs or runs prostitution in our areas, the police are just picking on us. It’s all a huge pile of bullshit.

    Recently a high ranking member of the RCMP told the media that the Hells Angels are no longer a concern in Kelowna. In fact they barely have chapter status any more there. That was an absurd lie. In Quebec the Hells Angels have a very long history. Yes that was the past but it has continued since then. The recent police round up in SharQ showed how real their operation continues. Across the country as soon as the police bust one group of Hells Angels, they set up a dozen more puppet groups.

    In 2005 the Hells Angels kidnapped a member of the Rizzuto clan and extorted them for $900,000. That is pretty significant. In 2005 they threatened a war with them like the war in Iraq. That is pretty significant. Who else would firebomb a funeral home? That is only something a piece of garbage devil worshipper like the Hells Angels would do.

    Mom Boucher made Greg Wooley a member of the Rockers and got him to set up the Syndicate. The Hells Angels are the ones supplying all the Crips in Montreal with cocaine. They are supplying all the gangs. Those they don’t supply end up dead.

    The Hells Angels were behind the kidnapping of Nicola Varacalli. Every time I log onto the Internet my computer is bombarded with intrusion attempts. I will post more later but It is my position that the Hells Angels were directly involved in that kidnapping and extortion. I appreciate your input. I’m just very tired of the perpetual lies coming from the Hells Angels and any claims they are no longer a threat anywhere in Canada when they very much are.

  8. Of course the angels are going to lie, they are a criminal organization, what criminal organization doesn't lie? You would have to be completely naive to believe otherwise really. They are no different then any other criminal organization. They all use prostitution and extreme violence. Whatever it takes to advance the organization. This isn't something new, this has been a part of organized crime before HA came to effect ever. They're just stupid and flaunt they're colors.

    I really have no care about what a high ranking RCMP officer says about Kelowna. If you want to talk about Kelowna then make a post in your Kelowna corner. We are talking about Quebec here, try to stay on point. I know when you have no validity in what you are saying so it is hard but just try for me. I am really losing respect in your blog over this post. Don't take this as an insult, its a mere challenge to prove me wrong or to add any validity to your beliefs.

    SharQC didn't happen yesterday buddy. You are looking back at over 2 years ago!!! 2 years in the underworld is like a life time at a desk job. The Hell's are no longer feared in Montreal, I could walk around all day downtown Montreal with a fuck hell's angels shirt on and not a soul would bother me. 10 years ago I would have been shot within 7 minutes.

    Mom boucher has also been in jail for what 10 years? Who cares what he did 10 years ago it is irrelevant to your post again. Mom Boucher has a hit on his head from the HA themselves because of the biker war. The Quebec HA know that this was very stupid and crazy on theyre part and they have grown and fallen in the time since then. It has been 10 years!! All these players such as Greg Wooley are also in jail. A lot has happened in Montreal since the glory days of the Hell's angels. Greg Wooley started these crip gangs and puppet gangs that would go on to make a lot of money. Selling crack on the streets makes you rich and the smart ones out of these crip gangs moved on to become big players. They filled the HA void that the police caused. The mafia then used them to control street level action as opposed to using the HA. HA has completely disappeared from the city of montreal and its surroundings. They are very lightly active in rural Quebec, but who cares, it isn't a big market. HA can not wear colors on the island of Montreal not because police say they can't but because they will catch a beating. A full patch nomad, and I wont name any names was recently beat up almost to a pulp outside Scratch Brossard. Brossard is in the south shore of Montreal and that's where Toots Tousignant was from. The Nomads were the only ones who could work in the south shore and they didn't have a chapter there. He was beat up by some street gang members who basically told him to move or it would happen on a regular basis. You think 10 years ago that would happen??? Not in a heart beat. The HA have no being supplying street level gangs for some time and they have completely lost control.

  9. Do you have any reasoning behind saying the HA kidnapped Nicola Varacalli??? Wiretaps and inside sources say otherwise. The truth seems to be clear as day. There was no extortion attempt...The Rizzuto clan owed the money to the Damico clan and thought they could get away with not paying, what they didnt know was how much balls they really had to fight back. You can not give me anything at all that would show any involvement of the HA in that kidnapping. The HA worked with the Irish mob(west end gang) and the Rizzuto clan on any smuggling of big loads and then they set the prices together. The Damicos were merely a transport company at the time in this situation. I cant divulge to much but show me anything and I mean anything even the slightest reference to HA being involved and I will give you the benefit of the doubt, but at this point you are just creating propaganda to make the HA look worse and you actually begin to benefit the HA because the more thats out there about them that really isnt true and really isnt factual just takes away credibility of real and factual information. I hate them with a passion but I won't make stories up to make them seem worse or justify my hatred for them.

  10. I have stated an opinion. I disagree with you. I have provided links to English translations of French articles claiming the Hells Angels were fighting with the Rizzutos, were involved with the kidnapping and extortion in 2005 and were involved in retaliatory murders in 2006.

    The Rizzuto clan owed the money to the Damico clan? That is absurd. Wiretaps in August 2005 revealed that Arcadi told a sidekick that "bikers" of Granby wanted to "cut off his head."

    I told you, I can’t connect to the Internet for very long because of constant intrusion attempts. This is a really busy time of year. I’m working my ass off at two jobs that are both incredibly busy right now. I have made my post and will expand on it later. Until then, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

  11. 1) HA doesn't have a Granby chapter and not even a chapter close to Granby. So How do you come to the conclusion it is HA??????
    2) The money was owed to the Damico family which is clearly stated in several wire taps. The portion in which you quote Arcadi saying the bikers want my head is written after and I quote "it is unclear what was said" LOL That is the only mention of bikers. Not to mention La Presse is one of the least credible Quebec Newspapers.
    3) Its not your fault but the translation is terrible and doesn't quite make sense, the translator does a terrible job.
    4) Cant you see how you throw your opinions in the dirt? I am beginning to think a lot of your BC reports are full of shit, I read because I don't know anything about the scene but just to see how stubborn you are in regards to something I can actually comment on are baffling.

  12. Take it easy, Agent K; this guy is from Montreal; he knows what he's talking about. Reiterating old news doesn't help your case. Don't you know you are the ONLY ONE saying the current Rizzuto problems are caused by HA? You'll go over the edge trying to pretend HA is as powerful everywhere as in BC. You need a broader outlook; no one thinks the HA are making headlines anymore in Quebec.

  13. The Hells Angels don’t have to have a chapter in Granby to control the drug trade there. Historically the betrayal of the Death Riders leadership gave them control of the drug trade in Laval. The wiretap claimed they couldn’t hear what was said at the meeting. Later on in another wiretap it said Arcadi told a sidekick that "bikers" of Granby wanted to "cut off his head." That was after the meeting and it was clear.

    The translation is terrible and is very choppy. That is the down side of software translation. Yet the involvement of the Hells Angels in those cases is clear. I’m beginning to think you’re a cop on the take.

    Freddy: He claims he’s from Montreal. Yet he’s not the only one who lives in Montreal. Others think differently. His claims to have inside knowledge on the wiretaps and his denial the Hells Angels are still involved in the Quebec drug trade are suspect. I don’t consider 2005 and 2006 old news. Neither is SharQ. We agree the Hells Angels are powerful in BC. Others would deny that fact too. The Hells Angels are actively expanding in Winnipeg and New Brunswick and are still very much involved in Quebec. If I’m the only one claiming that then so be it.

  14. 'The HA is done in Quebec for now.'

    '... no one thinks the HA are making headlines anymore in Quebec.'


  15. Please don't change what I just wrote. I DID'NT write the HA aren't ALL the OTHER things you now mention! I said you are the only one I've seen claim the Mafia war is between HA and Rizzuto. That is NOT the opinion of other professional disinterested observers. You keep bringing up other stuff every time this is mentioned.

    Just the facts is what readers want.

  16. Freddy: I was answering two people at once. Yes I am the only one right now saying that the Mafia war in Montreal is between the Rizzutos and the Hells Angels. Agreed. And yes I am still saying that. That is my sincere opinion. If people don’t like it they can scroll past. Yet the articles I found and posted in my Christmas epiphany clearly show a connection between the Rizzuto kidnapping and extortion in 2005 and the Hells Angels. It also showed retaliatory murders in 2006. The Rizzutos murdered a Hells Angels associate because he grabbed Rizzutos throat and no doubt threatened him. The Hells angels responded by murdering someone from the Rizzuto clan.

    Kae: Thanks for the link. That’s exactly what I’m talking about. As soon as one arm of the Hells Angels drug trade gets arrested, they grow three others or in this case four. Here in Surrey it was the Robert Shannon cross border drug ring tied to the hells angels that was busted. Not long later another huge cross border drug ring was busted tied to Randy Jones from the Whiterock Hells Angels and Tbarz. After the first bust the Hells Angels still owned and controlled all the grow ops they were using as well as all the crack dealers that were selling the cocaine the were trading the pot for.

  17. I hate the HA with a passion. My hope is one day it will be open season on these turds.

  18. I have to agree with what K is saying (no I dont always)... The HA have a HUGE propaganda machine. They are idiots, but they know enough to pour out as much info as they can to anyone that they are ; harmless, powerless, motorcycle enthusiasts. They are not, we all agree on that, but if one is to look at most large organized crime events- the HA stink is never far off.

  19. Arcadi never said the bunch from Granby were bikers.

    Once you involved in this lifestyle, there is no such thing as more 'serious' gangsters. Only more resourceful. That is why the Rizzutos got away with so much for so long. As soon as those resources began to wash up other equally serious gangsters exacted a revenge they had been waiting to act on for decades.

    It is not hells angels vs Rizzutos. The idea is almost laughable. Agent K i am telling you that you appear quite foolish, not in your initial theories but the fact that you stick to them after you get good information handed to you on a silver platter.

    In the streets its not as simple as some sports event with two teams and two sets of supporters. There are millions, possibly even billions at stake when you take into account the consolidation of the gambling industry and that of the smuggling and wholesaleing of cocaine and heroine. The rizzutos had a very big organization and it was very resourceful in a way that no other group was. No one group would be able to pull that off ever again. That's why you should believe it is a consolidation of efforts with the calabrese at the very top. Don't believe if you don't want to, but the calabrese group in Ontario is much more powerful than the entire global hells angels club.

  20. In August 2005, Arcadi told a sidekick that "bikers" of Granby wanted to "cut off his head." He did say that.


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