Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Suspicious bombings in Afghanistan

Two suspicious bombings in Afghanistan don't fit the norm. It's the first time a religious sect has been targeted on a religious holiday. The Taliban denied responsibility for the "inhumane" attacks in Kabul and Mazar, blaming "the invading enemy" - an apparent reference to the 140,000-strong foreign force in Afghanistan.

The NATO-led International Security Assistance Force declined to address that claim directly but its commander, U.S. Gen. John Allen, condemned the blasts as "an attack against Islam itself."

Afghan Interior Ministry spokes-man Sediq Sediqqi, meanwhile, blamed Taliban-led insurgents while confirming the death toll as Karzai plots to stay in power.

We remember Karzai. He's the one who said an opium drug raid was a violation of Afghanistan's sovereignty. Karzai's brother, Ahmed Wali, is a suspected player in the county's once again booming opium trade and is said to be on the CIA payroll according to the New York Times. Fahrenheit 911 claimed Karzai used to work as a consultant for Unicol but he denies that.

Karzai is a former associate of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and worked for the CIA during the Soviet invasion but so did the Taliban. Unicol didn't pull out of the oil pipeline by the way. They freaked after wining and dining the Taliban, the contract for the pipeline was given to Bridas an Argentina firm. After the invasion that decision was reversed.

We need to remember that Operation Northwoods was real. It wasn't the figment of someone's imagination. It was a declassified document signed by the Director of the CIA and the Joint Chiefs of staff. If Kennedy hadn't vetoed it, they would have done it. That is a historical fact. We need to remember that according to the Italian government, when that joint chiefs of staff was reassigned to Europe, later on a similar plan in Europe was actually implemented called Operation Gladio. We need to remember that after Kennedy was assassinated, President Johnston recalled the air support for the USS Liberty because he wanted that vessel sunk.

These are important fact to remember when we ask ourselves what on earth were two MI 6 agents doing in Iraq with a car load of explosives dressed as Arabs? They exchanged fire with the Iraqi police the British and Americans had put in power and killed one. When interrogated they said they were on a secret mission and they had to ask their superiors if they wanted to know what their secret mission with a car load of explosives dressed as Arabs was all about. England ended up leveling the jail and breaking them out of prison instead of disclosing what that secret mission was.

There are a lot of strange things going on in Afghanistan and around the world. We need to remember that false flag attacks are very much a part of our history and we need to be weary of such. Hitler burned down the German Parliament and blamed it on terrorists to gain judicial powers as chancellor. Then he bombed a German radio station and blamed it on Poland to gain public support to invade Poland. Lest we forget.

We need to remember the CIA's close ties to the Pakistan intelligence. Let us remember that Raymond Davis wasn't just a CIA agent in Pakistan, who also worked for Xe, formerly known as Blackwater, he was the acting head of CIA in Pakistan.

A US intelligence agent arrested after shooting dead two men was the acting head of the CIA in Pakistan and had been gathering intelligence for drone attacks, according to intelligence sources. Raymond Davis, a 36-year-old former special forces soldier, had taken command after the CIA station chief's cover was blown, according to reports. American officials insist he is entitled to diplomatic immunity and that he be released when he was arrested last February. The fact that the remote splinter group claiming responsibility for the Afghanistan sectarian bombing comes from Pakistan is very suspect. Did they also work with Raymond Davis and the elusive but still involved Xe?


  1. "It's the first time a religious sect has been targeted on a religious holiday."


    The reality is that, on the anniversary of the death of the prophet's grandson, the founder of the shi'a sect of islam, shi'a pilgrims are ROUTINELY targeted by sunni's who regard shi'a muslims as apostate's, who are to them worse than infidels. Numerous IED attacks between Baghdad and Karbala (the shi'a holy city in Iraq)have occurred in the last few days targeting said pilgrims with dozens killed. Happens every year there. The real news is that it just happened in Afghanistan for the first time.

    "According to intelligence sources" Come on, you can say that with a straight face? I checked the article you reference. The intelligence source is the Pakistani ISI, the same people who've been double-dealing for decades and "never knew" that OBL was living across the street from the Pak equivalent of West Point/Royal Roads for 5 years. There's a credible source.......

    Here's the juice. It's not classified, and it's common knowledge in certain circles. Davis was a current, not former Xe employee. Xe has contracts to provide personal protection for US govt employee's. He had a rented car because renting allows for frequent trade in of vehicles to make it more difficult for the opposition to spot vehicles because they see them on a regular basis. He had a Glock because that's what 99% of security contractors carry. First the Pak government admits the two guys he'd shot were bad guys who had robbed other people whose possessions were recovered at the scene of the shooting, then after they've had time to think about it a bit, they have a different story to tell about Davis. It's all bullshit. The CIA doesn't have a Xe security guard running the local station. Nor is he running around in Pak territory wearing disguises taking pictures. Someones been reading a bit too much Rudyard Kipling.

    Two perps fucked with exactly the wrong guy and lost. Boo-hoo.

  2. trailrunner78;

    Sometimes Agent K's concept of attribution is a little shaky, OK...? I'll follow a link on one of his posts, to find out it's a link to another of his posts elsewhere, and that link is to yet ANOTHER of his own posts! It's kinda a circular Universe here, eh...?

    But we gotta luv the guy, it's all worth it!

  3. A vicious circle indeed. Sometimes when I link to one of my own articles that article I linked to contains the link to the other media source. In this post “According to intelligence sources” was a quote straight from the British Telegraph. It’s quite possible you are correct in that the CIA doesn't have a Xe security guard running the local station. However it does establish that the CIA is still using Backwater contractors and that those unscrupulous mercenaries would be more than willing to carry out a false flag attack on innocent civilians. Sorry, did I use the M word again? My bad.

  4. And the intelligence source was the ISI.

    Actually, that doesn't establish it. Various "open source" news reports have already done that. So what? Who do you think they would use? Who exactly do you think has experience protecting people in hostile environments against terrorists? The Girl Guides maybe?

    BW is a shit magnet for people who know fuck all about the contracting industry other than that they hate it and have political beliefs that put them in opposition to the war. One fact is not in dispute, and that fact is that BW has never lost anyone they were protecting. Small wonder people who want to avoid the experience of assuming room temperature hire them.

    If you really care about understanding this area, (and it is apparent your outlook is fully formed, so I'm not hopeful about this) you need to accept the fact that EVERYONE who does this work on a US government contract has either a military or a law enforcement background and commonly both. They are paid to protect clients at the risk of their own lives. THAT'S ALL. (And trust me, that's enough.) Those honorably discharged veterans and LEO's are your "unscrupulous mercenaries".

    They do not engage in combat operations, or assassinations, or your fantasist "false flag" operations whereby they willingly plant bombs to kill civilians.

    These companies do not hire anyone with a criminal record, people like that are not granted government security clearances which are mandatory for these kinds of jobs. Unfortunately you believe that misconduct by such people is the rule rather than the exception. I can tell you this is a conspiracy theorists' fantasy built on a foundation of ignorance and lack of first hand knowledge. What I am telling you is not. Draw your own conclusions from that.

    Like many such people you are almost Pavlovian in your response to the word "Blackwater". Here's a heads up, the population of potential employee's for BW or any other PMC are all the same people. When a contract changes hands usually the only things that change are the pay and the T-shirt. :POP: Wow, was that a light bulb going on in your head? Yup, you should feel like a bit of a dumb ass right about now....

    Like many ignorant people, you assume that because you have read a few stories and possess an opinion that you know what the deal is. You do not. You know a lot about HA, but when you run your mouth about contracting, you DO NOT know what the fuck you're talking about.

    Saying that "those unscrupulous mercenaries would be more than willing to carry out a false flag attack on innocent civilians" is IMO the single stupidest, ignorant thing you've ever written. As penance, I urge you to punch yourself in the nuts until I get tired of it and tell you to stop.

  5. “EVERYONE who does this work on a US government contract has either a military or a law enforcement background and commonly both.” Yeah like conflict of interest Halliburton? You just pointed out how many problems we have within our own police force. It was the US military that approved Operation Northwoods. It doesn’t take a conspiracy to figure out a Black Water employee with a military background wouldn’t hesitate to commit a false flag operation on civilians. To me that is very unscrupulous as is the documented Operation Northwoods itself. These two British soldiers were caught red handed in Iraq. What were they doing with a car load of explosives dressed as Arabs?

  6. Oh yes, EXACTLY like "conflict of interest Halliburton". The similarity is obvious. :sarcasm: How about NOT. You should have thrown a few more of your favorite buzzwords in there. Here, "KBR/Dick Cheney/Bush family oil deals". There, fixed it for you....

    And enough with "Operation Northwoods". Half a century back, never got implemented, but it's your excuse to see false flag ops everywhere you look.

    Apparently it only takes YOU to figure out that every former MIL/LEO who works for a PMC threw every shred of human decency they never possessed out the window because they're now a "mercenary", and they would have no problem planting bombs to blow up women and kids. Give your fucking head a shake. I'm sure a world like the one you inhabit with your conspiracy theories is more interesting than your real one, but come on.

    Watch "Rock Center" with Brian Williams on NBC Monday night, Dec 12th, 2130 EST/whatever time it plays in PST. Look for Ted Koppel's piece on the future of the US effort in Iraq. You will see what we really do here.

    That's right dumbass, "we" and "here". Is the fucking light bulb on yet? Yup, you've been talking to the bogeyman. I do this shit everyday. Watch and you will see what my brothers and I do for a living. You will probably see me as well, I sure had a fucking camera pointed at me enough that day.

    Whether we're wearing suits and ties or geared up and looking rough and scary, the mission is the same. We protect people. We do the same job the Secret Service does, but in combat zones. And that's why I've been trying to tell you, and you're so wrapped up in your outrage and what you think you know that others don't, that you can't even take the hint when it's right in front of you.


    Everything I know about NASA I read in a book or saw on TV. And it's the same with you and PMC's, BW or otherwise. I work with dozens of guys who used to work for BW everyday. And most of them are a lot more erudite than you are. The ones who aren't at least have the good grace not to run their cakeholes about things they know nothing about. And they would have a MAJOR problem with someone telling them to plant a bomb to kill civilians. We don't do offensive combat ops. We don't do assassinations. We don't do any of the shit you fantasize about.

    Did I mention you have no fucking clue what you're talking about? But hey, that's never bothered you before. So don't start now, you haven't had the practice.

    We're done here.

  7. The invasion of Iraq was unlawful and wrong. It was based on a premeditated lie. The Afghanistan mission became like unto it. The oil pipeline that was given back to the Americans after the invasion. Returning Afghanistan to become the world’s largest opium producers after the Taliban had the opium almost eliminated. Operation Fast and Furious confirming what was done out of Mena Arkansas for years. Me thinks thou doth protest too much. You seem to be very critical of corruption in the various police forces. Why turn a blind eye to it in the military?

    Operation Northwoods was real. If Kennedy hadn’t vetoed it, that treasonous plot would have been implemented by the military. Operation Galdio was the same plan put into practice in Europe. President Johnston recalled the air support for the USS Liberty when it was under attack because he wanted that vessel sunk. These are serious facts that need to be addressed. Those two British soldiers who were caught dressed as Arabs in Iraq with a truck load of weapons did really happen. Obviously not all soldiers are bad any more than all police are bad. However, there is a lot of documented treason within much military leadership. This is why we need to stop being sheep and look at the facts without the rage and denial.

  8. As far as Blackwater and Xe goes, that company is corrupt. The company was implicated in arms smuggling and Erik Prince was implicated in the murder of those helping to investigate the company. That’s why he changed the name and hid in United Arab Emirates to build a mercenary army for them:

  9. Dude, it's impossible to have a focused dialog with you, for one simple reason. You don't focus. You're all over the map. Rather than consider any new information, you stick to what you already think you know, bleating the same catch phrases and "proof" over and over.

    It's probably too late in life for you to join a debating society or something, maybe after you got your ass handed to you/had enough people tell you that you don't logically connect your arguments you'd do things differently but in truth I doubt that.
    Mena, Arkansas/Fast and Furious/Invasion of Iraq/Afghanistan-Opium/Operation Northwoods (again)/Operation "Galdio"(sic)You mean "Gladio" (which is the Roman short sword) and last but not least, The USS Liberty. Wow. Those can apparently all be linked, in your mind anyway, to Blackwater and other PMC's. Seeing how that was what we were discussing and all.

    As far as a "mercenary army" in the UAE, there is a difference between trainers being hired to upgrade the army they already have and what you claim they are doing. Once again you are talking out your ass in an area you are unfamiliar with. Otherwise you'd know that the 13th Demi-Brigade de la Legion, a light brigade in a REAL mercenary unit known as the French Foreign Legion, had relocated there from Djibouti to serve the function that you think Blackwater is doing.

    It's your blog, and you are free to announce your ignorance about things you know little about as much as you like, but you should do yourself (and your readers) a service and stick to what you do best, reporting on HA/other gangsters and related subjects.

    To put this all another way, you know what interests you, but in some area's your reach exceeds your grasp.

  10. I thought we were done? I think the problem is that we completely disagree about Backwater and a privatized military. I am totally opposed to a privatized military. Holding the current military publically accountable is hard enough. Privatizing them makes it impossible. Yes, I do think the military as well as the police should be publically accountable in a democratic society because they are public servants.

    You freaked when I mentioned the term false flag. I submitted many cases of false flag activity. Of course Blackwater was not responsible for all of it. My point was illustrating the reality of false flag attacks. We know and likely agree Hitler used them.

    You say stop bringing up Operation Northwoods, that was a long time ago and it was never implemented. Hitler was a long time ago. The Communist revolution in Russia was a long time ago. It’s important to study history because when we don’t learn from history we tend to repeat it.

    Recalling the air support for the USS Liberty was an absolutely astonishing event. The reason I raised that case was to show that Republicans aren’t the only ones accused of false flag attacks and it was an example of a plan like Operation Northwoods that was actually implemented just like Operation Gladio. Yes that was a typo in my other comment.

    I keep bringing them up because they are unresolved. A lot of people still aren’t aware of Operation Northwoods. I think every responsible citizen needs to be made aware of it. It was astonishing that treasonous plot got so far. If Kennedy hadn’t vetoed it, they would have done it. They did do it in the case of the USS Liberty and they did do it in Europe under Operation Gladio.

    No Blackwater wasn’t responsible for those operations. Yet when you have the same military using a contracted out force, the temptation to use them for false flag operations is too great. As I said, there is absolutely no public accountability in a privatized military. Blackwater in it’s short history in Iraq had generated such a bad reputation it had to change it’s name and move off shore to hide from public accountability.

  11. Agent K has corroborated all his arguments. Trailrunner you haven't been able to back up a single argument. Instead you are getting mad, lashing out, and resorting to personal insults, which is a very common reaction from one who is losing the debate. Liars, hypocrites, and the ignorant all crumble in front of facts. Agent K, is one of the few good men left in society. He stands up for those who have no voice and are being oppressed not only here but all over the world. May God continue to guide him, protect him, and help him in his struggle for justice and righteousness.

  12. Wow, thanks - and here I thought I was just being an A hole. Peace. I thought you said the red pill not the blue pill Trailrunner?

  13. You're not going to agree with this because you already have things pigeonholed the way you like them, but we don't "really" have a privatized military. I've said this over and over again and you REFUSE to address it.

    Privatized Infantry Brigade? Armor, Artillery, etc.? Any privatized COMBAT UNITS? Nope.

    Supply services, (cleaning the latrine, mopping the kitchen floor) logistics, troop services, and GUARDS. Yep that's as far as it goes, for the military anyway. Intelligence agencies is another matter, contract interrogators at Abu Gahrab, etc., all publicly documented. But we're not talking about them, we're talking about a "privatized MILITARY".

    You scream bloody murder about a privatized military and the fact is it doesn't exist in the sense that you imply when you use that phrase. Armed contractors GUARD things, be it a base, a convoy, or personnel who need to move around in the area with a PSD (personal security detail) If we are engaged by the enemy we break contact and split. There are only a few instances of contractors engaging the enemy in any prolonged fashion and it always when there's no place to run until the cavalry arrives. Why is that? Because we're not here to fight, we're here to protect, and for some reason the distinction is lost on you.

    No attacks, no ambushes, no patrolling, no operations that can be described as offensive or proactive. Defensive/protective only. No assassinations. (Not for contractors who work for the miltary or public governmental agencies, anyway, the intell agencies who knows, I don't know, you sure as hell don't, and quite frankly it's not relevant because we are talking about a privatized MILITARY.

    Dude, you still don't get it. I'm one of the guys who has a little bottle of red pills in his pocket. You, like anyone else who reads about others deeds, DO NOT have personal first hand knowledge about contracting. I do apologize for any "name calling" but imagine how frustrating it is to try and tell someone a little "red pill" stuff they'll never hear unless someone first hand tells them, and then it's "blah blah, I have no REAL experience or knowledge of this but I'm gonna argue with you about it". It's like showing up for basic training and you tell the drill instructor you're up to speed because you read some books on the army before you showed up, when you're talking to a guy who lives it. Imagine how foolish you'd sound. Imagine how someone like that would regard you. And when you talk like that it sounds like not only are you ignorant of the subject, you're not even smart enough to know you are, or know where the limit of your 2nd hand knowledge is.

  14. I'm aware of the good Agent K does, and his motivations. He has good intentions, but you need to not lose sight of the saying regarding those. This exchange is limited to him thinking that because of what he's read, he has a level of knowledge about contracting. He doesn't. Imagine if the President of East End was willing to sit down with him, along with his Sergeant at Arms, and for 30 minutes answer his questions truthfully. Would he learn things that he could not learn from books about HA? I think he would. Same idea. Horse's mouth and all that.

    Remember that those authors who have written on contracting are not contractors themselves. They show up here in Iraq, or elsewhere, hangout in the bar and listen to war stories, most of which are told only to people like him while the rest of us snicker at this guy's gullibility, then later 'poof' it's in a book. He goes for a ride to the airport and magically his level of experience rises to that of a retired military guy who's been contracting since it all started, just because he put on body armor and a helmet and took a ride in the red zone.

    I didn't freak. You said flat out that anyone who worked for BW would have no problem planting a bomb as a false flag attack that would kill civilians. Don't even fucking say you didn't, go back and check what you wrote. That WAS the single most ignorant statement I've ever seen you write. There are hundreds of guys out here who put themselves in harms way everyday whom you owe an apology to, not that I'd expect you'd ever offer it, because doing that would entail de facto admitting that you didn't know what you were talking about when you said it and that you were talking out your ass.

    "No women, no kids".

    I'll repeat myself for emphasis, I personally know DOZENS of guys who I work with who were once employed by Blackwater and you are talking out your ass in that you do not know one single individual of this description. The BW tag means nothing either, the employee pool for BW is the same that any other PMC taps into because it's all the same people doing the same job. You might as well say that I would be willing to do the same thing.

    Remember that shit when we were kids and someone would say something extremely insulting/untrue and get themselves knocked down, sat on, and told to "take that back" to the emphasis of a punch in the head until they did? That's where you'd be at in real life, not necessarily with me, but that's the line you overstepped with what you said. There's free speech, but insult people past a certain level and they are under no obligation to treat you politely. "Them's fighting words" and all that.

    You're not part of this culture, or the military that 95% of it's members come from. You don't know enough people like this to make the statement you did, and if you did you wouldn't have. If you did, you'd know better.

    It's your blog, but if you reply to this PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE actually answer what I've written here instead of falling back to you've previously stated as if it actually acknowledges and discusses what I've said.

  15. Last link was removed, here's an updated link.

    No Exit: What happens when U.S. military leaves Iraq?

  16. Hah, you just won me $20, I had bet my roomie that your reply wouldn't address or acknowledge ANYTHING I said in a post that was so big I had to split it in two for the system to load it. You're debating style, if we can call it that, comes under the heading of "broken record". You don't want any input unless it supports the "information" (different from knowledge, often mistaken for it) you already have. :shakinghead:

    That link for some reason gives different result for different people it was only the preview/teaser anyway. here's the full story which was run last night.

  17. I'm sorry but I'm getting tired of banging my head against the wall as it is sounding like a broken record. I do not support Blackwater or any contracted out military service and you do. We disagree. It's that simple. Blackwater's screw ups in Iraq are well documented. Canada doesn't have a privatized military but the US does. Partially. And if Blackwater hadn't screwed up so badly and created such a horrible reputation for themselves, the amount of contracting out in the US military would have been a lot more. Blackwater are by no means solely responsible for false flag attacks but since false flag attack have and do exist, a contracted out military is too dangerous for the public good. I couldn't get your link to work but will try tonight when I get back from work. Christmas is coming and all.

  18. trailrunner78: i agree that agent k is all over the place. but that's where it stops. You're "first hand knowledge" of the truth is like a first round draft pick's knowledge of the corruption Gary Bettman is up to.

    "You're not going to agree with this because you already have things pigeonholed the way you like them, but we don't "really" have a privatized military."

    Are you sure you aren't just projecting your own flaws in this statement? I don't expect you to agree with Agent K because as you said, you are the boogeyman. That would be like me telling George Bush Jr. he blew up the twin towers, and him telling me I'm an idiot because i don't know what I'm talking about. As for your argument about how you are just protection, wow, that's ridiculous. One more analogy for you. That would be like a dope dealer from a crip neighbourhood moving to a blood neighbourhood to buy/sell, and paying some of his banger homies to protect him. You would be the banger.

    What are you protecting? Noble men on a quest for love and truth? No, you are protecting members of a government regime on a path of destruction, and for what, MONEY! What are those people you are protecting doing in those areas in the first place? let me give you a hint: the dope dealer analogy was closer than you think.

    Answer one question for me, PLEASE! Only one question. Why did BW change their name? Why the big move? Okay that was two. Choose one if you like.

    The fact that you believe Osama ben Laden is a real person shows how little you really know. But then again would a merc' even be privy to the reason they are being hired? I don't know, and i don't want to assume. You might just be in on it all and lying for the hell of it. Lord knows that would explain your reference to an NBC special.

    All these conspiracy theories you will hear men not unlike Agent K speak about are just scratching the surface.

    You have to ask yourselves the right questions. What is this being done for? Whether you say oil, opium, or the infiltration of other industries, the end goal is money and more money. But what is money really? It is a paper representation of gold. Each dollar is like a share in the amount of gold a nation has. So in essence this is all being done for gold. What is gold? A valuable precious metal used in many electronics nowadays, but when gold was first given value, these electronics didn't exist. So why was it so sought after. Why was the economy of the world based on this, when clearly it is not essential to human life. Or is it? It must be able to do something that we as a collective are unaware of. Why else would the powers that be hoard it, fool people into accepting paper money and distracting them with all the things it can buy? Why else would they start wars with other nations and commit horrible acts for it?

    You have to ask the right questions. Open your eyes. WAKE THE FUCK UP!!

    Pardon my french.

  19. "Canada doesn't have a privatized military but the US does. PARTIALLY." (emphasis mine)

    There we go! :-D Was that really so hard? And it's a true/accurate statement as well. Bravo.

    But you are wrong about me supporting a contracted out military. I'm sure you are surprised to see me write that, but it's true.

    Clinton, one of both our favorite people, got that all started when he gutted the personnel numbers in the US military to make good on his campaign promises to the peaceniks who like him "loath the military". Problem was, now they didn't have the bodies to get the job done. And infrastructure dismantled cannot spring back up overnight, and so contracting was born. And it actually is cheaper, much as that sucks. Yeah you're paying a contractor what sounds like a lot (and it is, :wink:) but it's actually less overall than having a service member who has free insurance, free medical care, retirement (join at 17/18, do 20, out at 37/38 with half of your base pay for life, "TriCare" med ins. for life) etc..

    That being said, I think that it was better when everyone was actually in the military. I would not be sad to see that change back but I'm not going to hold my breathe that it does. Too many companies are getting fat at the public trough (Are you surprised that I think half of Haliburton's board should be in jail for conflict of interest?) and until that changes...well, nothing will change.

    The really big bucks go into corporate pockets, not the individual employees of companies. Yes, they have to pay enough to get someone to go overseas and live/work in a third world shit hole/combat zone where people will try and kill you. Security contractors you have to pay even more, because people REALLY try and kill you. Shoot at you and shit. But whatever you are being paid, the company is getting that and more. They're corporations. Their mandate is to make as much as possible. Legally. Or often not.

    Just because I would rather have an "all Mil" military back doesn't mean I won't do a job I was trained for IF it's available, especially the pay being what it is. A few years of doing this can set my family way ahead in life. As long as it lasts anyway. The job can end anytime the circumstances change, which are likely to happen real soon around here. They changing very quickly right now.

    These links seem to work differently for people depending on where they are, but don't give up easy. You probably need to give it time to load. It's some good stuff on various aspects of things here in Iraq other than/in addition to security contracting. And you'll get a small view of the real deal regarding security work out here, ie. you'll know more than you did before you watched it about what we do.


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