Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Shootings in Surrey

Two separate shootings in Surrey on Christmas Day, one in Surrey Christmas eve and one in Langley on Boxing day. What a deranged world. This level of gun related violence is totally unacceptable.

Slain man's mom blames a drug addict.


  1. Perhaps we could get a few more words from yourself, on our recent multiple-shooting sprees, Agent K? Thanks, have a great New Year.

  2. I'm still having a domino effect of computer problems. I did just quit my second job so that will free up some time in the New Year. The media reports the police claim these murders are not gang related and are not part of the gang war. I can't see how they're all not drug related. Edmonton broke it's record for the most homicides last year. Many of them were drug related. Two guys sitting in an SUV riddled with bullets. That is pretty suspect to me. I'll have to follow up on the names of the victims here. It seems very strange someone would walk into a grocery store on Christmas day and shoot some stranger for no reason without committing a robbery.

  3. V. Sun

    VANCOUVER -- The foster son of Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson is facing gun and drug charges after a six-month investigation by the Richmond RCMP.

    Jinagh Farrouch Navas-Rivas, 21, and four other men were charged earlier this month.

    Navas-Rivas remains at large and is wanted by police.

    The investigation dates back to June according to the indictment, a copy of which was obtained by The Vancouver Sun.

    It alleges a 25-year-old man named Vinh Hoang David Le was trafficking cocaine and methamphetamine in Richmond from June until he was charged in December.


    METRO VANCOUVER -- Surrey RCMP have towed away a van after an observant neighbour found a badly beaten man inside.

    The man was found inside the van near 139 Street and 96 Avenue, near Surrey Memorial Hospital.

    A neighbour noticed the van parked in a no-parking zone, and discovered a bloodied and beaten man wedged between the two front seats of the vehicle.

    http://tinyurl.com/bm54lvq (V. Sun)

  4. Surrey Central Skytrain Station still has serious crime issues, according to today's new report and Police files;

    METRO VANCOUVER - Broadway-Commercial and Surrey Central have more violent crime than any other transit stations in the region and Stadium has the most drug offences, according to an exclusive analysis of transit police data by The Vancouver Sun."

    "...Broadway-Commercial and Surrey Central are the most violent stations, with 212 and 171 crimes apiece in 2008-09."

    "Surrey Central was a close second with 59 drug crimes..." (after Stadium Stn.)

    "Comparing the crime at each station to how busy they are, Gateway had the highest violent crime rate, with 8.97 crimes per 100,000 boardings, followed by Surrey Central (7.51), Columbia (3.94)..."


    Central Surrey & Gateway leave the rest in the dust...

    Clearly there is a problem with Surrey residents, looking @ crimes per station rider-ship, that doesn't look good for Surrey...Why is this happening?

  5. One can't argue with stats. Clearly that's something for the transit police to work on. Yet over all I think the mood in Surrey Central has changed and is improving. Gateway however is still a sh*t hole.

  6. V. Sun

    Vancouver police will examine the death of a 58-year-old man who died while in the custody of Surrey RCMP.

    The man was arrested on Dec. 23 for breaching a court order and booked into cells.

    Police say he was co-operative and compliant, and made his first court appearance on Dec. 24.

    On Boxing Day he lay down on the floor of his cell, prompting emergency workers who were at the jail on another matter to check his condition.

    He was transported to hospital, where he died on Friday.

    Vancouver police will provide an independent probe of the death, according to policy.

    http://tinyurl.com/7lcpyca (Globe & Mail)

    The one hundred comments are all against the RCMP...The Surrey RC's need this like a hole in the head.

  7. Surrey RCMP is searching for suspects linked to a shooting at a Whalley business on New Year’s Eve.

    The business, located at 14653 108th Avenue, was reportedly shot at multiple times. No injuries have been reported.

    A man was apprehended by police at the scene. His link to the shooting is currently unknown.

    http://tinyurl.com/7xx5g4o (V. Sun)

    We're getting the shit shot out of us in Surrey these days...I've met street folks here who say there's some kind of war on, but don't know why...

  8. I think one can argue with the stats, Surrey is rigging just about anything they feel like, it depends how one counts Crimes, there are so many Crimes here in Surrey which are never counted.

    the whole thing boils down to that the Mayor & her gang are corrupt and don't give a rats a... about us, the citizens, they have the priorities backwards and they think primarily about themselves and how they can fatten their wallets even more.

    If I/we wouldn't have experienced it ourselves, I would say, can't be, but it is, I knew corruption exists, but never did I get to feel it and see firsthand what goes on in a corrupt City Hall. We have been lied to over and over again, and they can do it with a straight face, pathological liars.

    Surrey has managed to kill Democracy and that is dangerous.

    all the people that are still in denial about our "super Mayor" will pay dearly down the road.

    there are some cases pending that are going against her in court, let's see if they even make it to court, or will they be paid off so nobody gets to hear the truth? much like her car accident in 2010 where SHE t-boned the other driver and where the RCMP covered up for her... what happened to that story? dead, gone, how come and what was done to get it out of the papers?

    Greed, Corruption and Big Money Machines are in Power in Surrey, that is not Democracy, that is more like a Dictatorship.

    I can't wait to see what's going to happen with former Deputy City Manager Dan Bottrill..... will his case make it to court or will he be paid off to shut up??? He didn't like to dance to her song, se he was turfed.....

    or what about former City Planner Akonyu Akolo? I bet he was their scape goat.... will be ever find out? I sure hope so, we deserve to know the truth...

    I think they should change the name from Surrey to "SORRY", never a doll moment that is for sure, mostly in a bad way.

    Surrey should be going for BETTER not BIGGER, the more and faster they let development go on, Crime will increase, more people will face the diesel trucks in their backyards. Backwards, they let the developers build tons of town homes etc but worry about the roads and safety later....

    It is a shame as Surrey is so diverse and has it's beauty, I don't understand why Watts wants to compete with Vancouver, Surrey will never ever be, can't be Vancouver.

    Now I wish all a very Safe, Healthy, Happy New Year

    1. hi
      I totally agree that with your views about Mrs Diana Watts.
      You forget to mention the business her husband running from home with out license and she claimed she did not know about it.
      She is a not trustworthy et all and i doubt her credentials about public service. may be self service, for sure.
      how about paying to George bush ( joke) for a lecture in Surrey, eh
      plz lets get rid of these low lives from public life, and let them do their own service in their homes and save the tax payers dollers.

  9. I meant I couldn't argue with the stats in the article that said Surrey Central still has a very high crime rate for Skytrain. I personally don't think Dianne Watts is corrupt in the sense that she's on the take. I just think she has been corrupted by her wealthy donors who are. There are a lot of concerns about where this tax and spend Surrey not First is going. Diane Watt's connection to Christy Clarke and the Campbell Liberals is very concerning. What court cases are you referring to?

  10. Surrey has a high Crime rate, and yes of course more Crimes are happening in certain areas, you are right.

    you personally don't think she is corrupt? wow, that really really stuns me big time...

    she is on the take alright
    .... she opens her mouth and what blurs out is, lies, nothing but made up stories or excuses, whatever you want to call them i don't care, she is one heck of a corrupt women and dangerous female, she will sell her Granny to get to that big seat so she can be or RULE the big league....

    i am not saying she is not being manipulated by developers or god knows who????? the higher power we want to forget about.... she dances the tango that is played by the developers, her millionaires plus "friends", sure they pull her string, but she is the puppet, does that make her innocent? not to me, she knows bloody well what is being played, what's at stake, it is just plain Corruption at it's best period. even a puppet string might snap right?

    i did mention the court cases...
    her connections to CC and CL is more than just concerning, she is preparing for the CC's chair as we speak... if people don't start waking up and smell the Vodka, well you will be t-boned :)

    why do you think she had Bush here? not for the public... it has much more and bigger meanings than we could ever imagine..

    mark my words, this is beyond what we want to believe, and it is going on in innocent "Surrey"..


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