Friday, December 2, 2011

Grow Op in 100 Mile House

A commercial marijuana grow operation housing more than $2 million worth of pot has been dismantled near 100 Mile House. Mounties raided a rural property near Abel Lake at 105 Mile House on Tuesday and seized the marijuana, which police estimate had a street value of $2.7 million, said RCMP spokesman Cpl. Dan Moskaluk in a release.

Also seized was about $1 million worth of property, including four trucks, a backhoe and two large commercial diesel generators on triple-axle trailers. Three men, two from the Lower Mainland and one from Vancouver Island, were arrested at the scene and are facing charges for drug production.

Wasn't there a new Hells Angels clubhouse in 100 Mile House?

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  1. I know the area generally, used to do forestry work there.

    It's not smart to expect large, semi-industrial installations in the bush to go un-noticed. Things aren't as anonymous as the big city, folks know folks' business. Sorry to say, but when *John* puts up a gleaming new barn these days, it does attract attention, because everyone out there knows of the pot-growing which is all around them...

    A kid on a crew I was on had parents busted up by Likely. A new barn for sure...three dobies, new trucks, big dish, the cops just drive by & know...


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