Friday, December 16, 2011

Hells Angels and the Mob

Well the Christmas murders are continuing across the country like popcorn on a stove without a lid. Mafia Today, Radio-Canada and the Montreal Gazette are reporting that Antonio Pietrantonio – also known across the Montreal Mafia as Tony Suzuki – is the man shot and severely wounded outside a Jarry St. E. restaurant Tuesday night.

It now resembles a hit list – the names of a trio police sources say were major players in an attempt to reach a consensus over who should assume control over the Mafia in Montreal. Montreal businessman Antonio (Tony Suzuki) Pietrantonio is the latest target in a series of shootings that began in September.

Pietrantonio was arrested in 1993 after an RCMP investigation into a plot hatched by the Hells Angels and the Mafia to smuggle cocaine into Canada. In that instance, he was sentenced to a three-year prison term. Again we see the Hells Angels in business with the mob. Since the Hells Angels betray everyone they do business with it is not a stretch of the imagination to think they are involved in the Rizzuto murders. I think my Christmas Epiphany has merit.


  1. "I think my Christmas Epiphany has merit."

    And you're the ONLY one who does! Do you ever read anything? Do you even understand that the N'Drangheta has taken over European arrival & distribution of Cocaine & heroin production from Sicilian labs? No; you didn't know that! With that end of the pipeline, over there, OUT OF Sicilian hands, the Calabrians (You knew Calabrians mean N'Drangheta, right?) have decided to own this end of the pipeline as well, AND I'll bet fifty bucks on it! So put yer money where your mouth is and man up! NO bikers gonna shoot at Cuntreras, Rendas, Rizzutos, and Sciascias ! You are just betraying yerself as the worst of Canadian regionalists; and giving us all in BC a bad name; for being un-able to see beyond yer own nose out here! You're making us all laughing-stocks with that. And you are ruining your own blog's credibility! Take the bet, and pay up when the dust settles down in a year or two, or not?!

  2. Actually I'm not the only one but that's OK. I'm certainly not going to argue about it. I disagree with you and that's OK. No two people agree on every issue. Yes I do feel very strongly about this issue. The Hells Angels have held the people of Quebec ransom for a generation. And Moses said to Pharaoh: Let my people go.

  3. agent k you are wrong. I don't mean to offend you, but you really need to step up you're knowledge of the underworld at large. Not just BC, and not just Canada.

    What you are witnessing is the evolution of the criminal subculture. A transfer of power from a tyrannical regime to a consolidated effort of even more ruthless men.

    First, let me explain where you are going wrong. You fail to consider the other side. You are so preoccupied with proving the hells angels are the worst thing in the world that you fail to follow the information being given to you.

    Their is a big difference between a calabrese and a sicilian. The calabrese have a much more 'macho' culture. The kind where an arguement can end up in a shootout. The D'amico family is Calabrese. That is why they refused to back down to the Rizzutos. Not because they are connected to the Hells Angels, but because backing down would have its ramifications within their own group and/or culture. The same as would happen to a jamaican or haitian. It's not as simple as "the italians" you see?

    I understand why you dislike the hells angels so much. But you have to understand it is just a brand name. The caliber of the people(s) wearing the patch boils down to environmental factors and other circumstances involving the individual. I can say with the utmost confidence that even before HA went down on the east coast, there were plenty of members in chapters across the board in Ontario that would be considered 'soft' by todays standards. Remember, raping women makes you scum, but nothing more. Killing innocent people and those that cannot defend themselves or will not does make you a killer, but it doesn't make you tough. Do you really think these steroid abusing half a brain biker trash would be smart enough to fill the role of Vito Rizzuto? This man is the epitome of the word 'gangster'. Never before since Pablo Escobar has the world seen a man like this. Pablo was ruthless and ready to die so he was much worse, but Vito is like the Bill Gates of the underworld.

    The only reason the hells angels have held onto the underworld (and slightly at that) in BC is for two reasons. Now bare with me here as my information is solid. The first is that the policing infrastructure in BC allows the RCMP more power, which as you may know, are corrupt like it's no one's business. Those are the boys in charge and the hells angels seminal chapter in East Van are their puppet club. That and Haney and White Rock etc. are all further down the chain. Do you really think some asshole like Hal Porteus can carry weight in the streets? Its the one they call the "Wolf" and he is in bed with the RCMP.

    The second reason is the lack of racial diversity. Although there is a vast population of Chinese and Indo canadians in Vancouver and the surrounding areas, for the most BC is the white mans land. In cities like Toronto, or Montreal, that shit doesn't fly. There are criminal syndicates from all over the world trying to make a living in the biggest city of the country with the most lenient sentences. Many of them much more ruthless than the biker trash in BC. Remember, killing your own kind doesn't win gang wars. The hells angels are a name brand not unlike nike or adidas. The individual wearing the patch is the gangster, not the patch itself. The patch has the same job as would the Godfather in the mafia. It was a genius idea on behalf of Sonny Barger, perhapes another 'supergangster' not unlike Vito Rizzuto. It's kind of like, you can kill bruce wayne, but never batman. Follow this analogy it will help you better understand how the Hells Angels rose to power.


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