Friday, December 16, 2011

50 guns stolen from Regina store

Fifty guns plus ammunition was stolen from a Regina sports store in a break and enter early morning on December 13th. No one is going to commit a crime with a registered firearm but they sure will with a stolen one. Didn't Deli and Tiny Mac do business in Regina?

This same chain in Langley carries M-15's and other semi automatic assault rifles. They'd be illegal if you bought them with a banana clip but they don't sell them with banana clips so they're legal. However nothing is stopping you from buying a banana clip from somewhere else then using it with an assault rifle from there.

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  1. All "banana clips" (these days known as high capacity magazines) sold in Canada are blocked to 5 rounds, thank you Marc Lepine, aka Gamil Rodrigue Liass Gharbi.

    Of course, criminals are not known for their respect for the law, so possibly they would unblock them or bring unblocked mags up from the States. Another law which changes nothing.

    The "M-15" is a restricted weapon in Canada, same class as handguns. Law abiding citizens jump through hoops and have their houses on the RCMP computer to own these, criminals....well, you know.....


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