Friday, December 30, 2011

Vancouver Mayor's foster son's drug charges

Here's the latest news. Front page of the Vancouver Province. Vancouver's Mayor, Gregor Robertson's foster son is facing firearm and cocaine charges. Seemingly the foster son was with them for two years and has been on his own since 2009. Although I most certainly am not saying Robertson is above reproach, anyone's son can get involved in the drug trade.

I do think City Counsel giving the Hells Angels $2 million extra for the Drake hotel was very suspicious, but that was when the NPA was in power. Nevertheless, I am very curious as to why City Hall continues to let the Hells Angels sell pot out of the black door but not anyone else out of the Amsterdam café. Giving the Hells Angels a monopoly on the pot trade is wrong.

Yet I do think Saanich Police officer Dillon Sahota's son Paul Sahota and son in law Jarrod Nicol's involvement in the drug trade is very significant since Dillon Sahota owned one of the houses where drugs were seized and how that whole Victoria cocaine trade is tied to the BC Liberals through the Bassi Virk BC Rail scam.


  1. Absolutely Love your blog K! I just moved here from Saskatchewan, and I am learning so much from your work. Keep it up! Your work is being viewed by many, many people- and is very much appreciated. Looking forward to the new year.


  2. Thanks. Let's hope it's a better year. Cheers.

  3. Agent K, I appreciate anything you post which helps us understand what was behind the police raids on the BC Legislature.

    I've never understood why the successful prosecution of Jasmohan Singh Bains for cocaine trafficking was never published ... except when I got the story at the 6-month interval ... and even then, only one journalist made mention of it.

    Surely the police had earned credentials for that? Why the silence? Or, more pointedly, why the protection of secrecy??

    Thanks, and a Happy New Year to you.

  4. There was mention of it but it certainly wasn’t big news which is indeed suspicious. All the drug related charges to the Bassi Virk case were dropped with the plea bargain. I doubt we’ll ever know the depth of it. Let me know if you find anything. You’re doing a great job with your coverage of the BC Rail case. Happy New Year indeed.

  5. Today forty-eight out of seventy Courthouses will have no duty Counsel. That is the shape of Legal Aid.

    The Province culls over $100 million from lawyers, but puts it all in general revenue, instead of Legal Aid! Lawyers are threatening a Province wide denial-of-service in the future. What a Christy Clark mess.

  6. Do you have a link to that? No duty counsel? Money for legal aide gets diverted? That needs to be followed up on.


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