Sunday, September 27, 2020

Large protest outside Chinese Consulate in Vancouver

There was another large protest outside the Chinese consulate in Vancouver today with many different community members represented. They were all united against the Communist Party of China. Members of the Tibeten community perecuted by the CCP were there.
Members of the Uighur Muslim community persecuted by the CCP were there.
Hong Kongers were there holding the line.
There were a lot of signs and flags there from India as well.
Donald Trumo was there to fire the CCP.
The Vancouver Service Centre for Quitting CCP's car parade car parade participated as well.
New Tang Dynasty was there to cover the event.
Rebel News was there to cover the event
Post media news and CBC were nowhere to be found. They are both Communist frauds.
October 1st is a National Holiday for the Communist Party of China. For all the Chinese outside of China it is a National Day of Mourning remembering the Communist genocide in China.
The picture on the right is a cross on top of a Christian church in China the CCP set on fire.
Agnes Chow is a student in Hong Kong arrested for opposing Communism and banned from running in the election. Where are the Woman's rights in Communism? There are none.
Here’s another woman protesting about her rights being taken away by the Chinese Communist Party. She is of the Catholic faith. In China the CCP is tearing down crosses and religious symbols to replace them with pictures of Winnie the Pooh and the Communist flag. That is insane. This is the dictatorship Justin Trudeau admires. He is a fake feminist. Fire him.
Buddhists, Muslims and Christians standing shoulder to shoulder against Communism. Now that’s what I’m talking about. Nelson Mandela protected civil liberty by law. So did James Connolly. The CCP has done the opposite. Fire them. I support a Free Republic.

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