Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Senseless murder in Surrey

This is a local story that isn't gang related but it is a violent criminal act. Friday night, Jamie Kehoe, 18 was on a bus in Surrey and had his throat slashed in a senseless act of violence that ended his bright life before it got a chance to unfold. This is another disturbing case that ranks right up there with Jesse Cadman, Matthew Martins and Michael Levi.

There was a second well attended candlelight vigil for Jamie tonight. Jamie's father is making an appeal to the community to show up and support his son to support the arrest and conviction of his murderer. I am told friends of the family have a name and pictures of the accused and his girlfriend who started the fight. Personally I think those pictures should be plastered all over the neighbourhood so the murderer understands this community does not accept that kind of senseless violence.

So here's the deal. Two guys and a girl were on a bus. Another guy and girl come on the bus. The second girl gets vocal and starts to harass the other girl trying to pick a fight over and over. The other girl avoids the conflict and endures the harassment. When the loud mouth girl and her boyfriend get off the bus the girl finally tells the loud mouth to f off. The loud mouth freaks out, charges the girl and starts punching her. One of the guys gets up and tries to separate the girls from fighting. Jason is sitting there minding his own business and the loud mouth's boyfriend lunges at him and slits his throat with a knife killing him for no reason whatsoever.

If there isn't an arrest soon I think friends of the family should go public with the name and photo of the suspects. I'm told the suspects live in New West and have a brother that lives in the area. This kind of senseless violence isn't hard core, it's deranged. Killing someone for no reason is not human. It is a deranged individual who has no respect for human life.


Ah but yes, innocent until proven guilty. The Vancovuer Province is reporting that a man falsely acused of Jamie's murder has lost his job. Uttering threats on Facebook won't help anything. This guy admits he has a criminal record for asault and fraud. Race has nothing to do with it. He claims he doesn't even live in Surrey. No one said he did. Does he have a brother who not only lives in Surrey but lives on the bus route where the murder took place?

He worries how he’ll now support his wife, their four-year-old, and new baby on the way. If he is innocent and there has been a mistake then he should clearly get his job back. Even the paper implied his boss said it was temporary to give him a chance to sort out the allegations. The thing I want to know is that I heard there was a picture of him and a girl that witnesses ID'd. It's not just a matter of being on a witch hunt for some black guy. God know we have more than our share of white criminals in Surrey. He was seen in a picture with a girl that witnesses ID'd as the woman who started the fight on the bus. Threats will get us no where but these questions need to be addressed. Is he willing to voluntarily offer up a dNA sample to clear him once and for all?


  1. Some anonymous coward "told you" some random speculation, and you trust that instead of the actual POLICE who collected REAL evidence and publicly proclaimed Garnet is innocent?

    you're kind of an idiot. There is no "question to be addressed" about Garnet. He already *HAS* been "cleared once and for all". Even if he wasn't, why do you make the unsubstantiated implication that he refused a request for DNA sample, or that there's even any DNA at the crime to match to? This isn't CSI: vancouver television, DNA doesn't solve every crime.

    People like you implying guilt based on rumours instead of facts is exactly why this innocent man, his wife, and child are suffering from his job loss now.

  2. Let me point out that A) I never posted the individual’s name, picture or Facebook account because I did not know it and B) I don’t even know if the person that the media claims lost his job was the person in the photo friends of the family had id’d as a suspect. I simply said that I was told friends of the family had a name and a photo of the accused and the girl he was with and that the accused has a brother living in the area.

    Perhaps someone could clarify that A) the person the media claims lost his job over a mistaken identity does not in fact have a brother in Surrey living in the exact area where the couple that caused the fight got off the bus and B) the person who lost his job was not the one in the picture with the girl who started the fight with that other girl on the bus that night.

    The police “clearing someone” means nothing to me because they “cleared” Jason Zailo over a bizarre controversial lie detector test someone in the Saanich Police department has a business interest in while they claim Lindsay Buziak’s murder may never be solved. If it may never be solved because the father filed a wrongful death suit before they could collect enough evidence against him, then that would truly be tragic.

    When you say DNA evidence does not solve every crime does that mean the falsely accused suspect is refusing to provide a DNA sample? If he is, then I don’t think he should be running to the media proclaiming his innocence since actions speak louder than words. If he really is innocent, which I sincerely hope he is, then he would not hesitate to provide a DNA sample. Refusing to do so would in my idiotic mind be suspect.

  3. Perhaps. I was told there is a picture of both suspects together and that the male suspect in that picture has a brother in Surrey that lives where the suspects got off the bus and killed Jamie. I don’t know if that photo is of the guy that was in the paper who was threatened. The guy who was threatened doesn’t look like the type of guy that would randomly slit someone’s throat for no reason. However, the police clearing someone means nothing to me. They cleared Dave Pickton who knew where the bodies were buried and were able to tell the police where.

  4. Bottom line Agent K: you have *NO* clue whether:
    a) Garnet was asked for a DNA sample;
    b) he refused or submitted to such a request; or
    c) DNA would even be of any use anyways

    All you're doing is throwing up a smokescreen to cover how unjustifed your baseless accusations are.

    I'm sure the police have a lot less respect for YOUR crime solving skills than you have for theirs, since they are out actually gathering evidence, while you're sitting in front of your computer repeating rumours from who knows where. (Probably made up in your own imagination.)

    I guess you don't mind trying to destroy innocent people's lives just to increase traffic to your weblog. That makes you a SCUMBAG.

  5. Traffic? I don’t give a rat’s ass about traffic. I care about the senseless murder of a young kid right when his life was beginning. I most certainly haven’t destroyed anyone’s life. I never used his name. I said I was told friends of the family have a name of an individual who has a brother that lives near the bus stop the accused got off before they murdered Jamie Kehoe. I am very curious if this is the same person who has a brother in that area and was seen in a photo of the girl who was on the bus that started the fight in the first place. If he’s not then we need to follow up on the one who does have a brother in that area and was seen with the girl that started the fight. The fact is someone committed a ruthless and senseless murder. Without going on a witch hunt threatening every possible suspect we need to follow up on that that and any other significant lead. Do I completely trust the police? No I do not. They said Robert Pickton acted alone and I don’t believe he did.


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