Sunday, October 16, 2011

Occupy Vancouver Day Two: The devil you know

Day two and more tents are up as the protest continues. There was a brief break in speakers for some song and dance. They played you say you want a revolution by the Beatles as well as a few other non violent activist songs. Turns out New York has a live stream for their protest and Julian Assange spoke at the London protest. An interesting thought from Toronto:

Here's another valid point coming out of New York:

Wall Street does need Adult Supervision. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is defending Ottawa's record on banking regulations. Banking regulation is not a dirty work. The right though the less red tape the better chances a free market has to succeed. In reality, deregulating the banks just paved the way for more investment fraud. That is the key.

I know every time we have a protest the Marxist Leninist party shows up and I know everybody thinks it's cool to wear a Che Guevara T-Shirt but we need to be mindful of how sometimes the devil we know as bad as it is, is better than the Devil we don't know. Let us remember Poland.

Hitler burned his own parliament building and blamed it on terrorist to gain public support to give him the powers of a chancellor. Then he burned a German radio station to gain public support for invading Poland.

Now let's remember how Poland was royally screwed. Lenin promised to help "liberate" Poland from the Fascists. He told the Polish underground resistance to attack from within and they would attack from the outside and outflank the Nazi enemy and liberate Poland.

Well the Polish resistance did indeed strike but Lenin held back until all the resistance were pretty much destroyed by the Nazi's. Then, when the underground was exterminated and the Nazi's weakened, Lenin sent his troops in to take over and bring Poland into bondage not into Liberation. That is an important part of history to remember. We need to address the fraud in Wall Street but we don't need to throw out the baby with the bath water.


  1. Sorry for too many posts, but I'm of Polish heritage, my father, who bought the house in Kerrisdale, after the War, for our family, was born in Krakow, in 1920. He fought in Polish Free Forces in France (Uncle Charles in Italy). Thanks for bringing up Poland.

    Folks do remember that the Nazis killed around 3 million Poles, but Lenin & Communist Russia was the FIRST to attack a free post-WWI Poland, not Germany. Then the Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact wiped us out, with Stalin slaughtering 1.5 million Poles all by himself! About another million were "transported" to Siberia, where they all died, meaning the Russians murdered about as many Poles as did the Nazis...

  2. Someone else just corrected me and that it was Stalin not Lenin who invaded Poland the second time in WW ll. Yet it was Lenin in WW l. Wikipedia still claims Lenin was the leader of the Russian Revolution but Alexander Solzhenitsyn claims it was Shliapnikov not Lenin who was the real leader of the Revolution. Lenin stole the party from Shliapnikov and turned it into a dictatorship. When the unions held a general strike Lenin sent in the machine guns to wipe them out and the families were too terrified to even collect their dead:

    I can’t remember the name of the book I read about the invasion of Poland. I thought it was called A Warning to the West by Churchill but that’s what Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s address was called. I thought Churchill wrote a book by the same title and had Solzhenitsyn’s famous speech to the American trade unions in it.

    My whole point in the political ramblings is that Democracy can only exist where it is protected by a constitution that guarantees it and is the highest law of the land binding future politicians to be bound by it. In my opinion Democracy cannot be preserved where a Manifesto doesn’t bind future politicians to Democracy. My point about Poland is that while fighting the devil you know one must not form an alliance with the devil you don’t know which turns out to be even worse. I.E. from Wall Street to Stalin.

  3. Hence the Beatles tune: “But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you ain’t gonna make it with anyone any how.”

  4. Excellent post, excellent history lesson, Bravo!

    This is why I do not like socialists, socialist theories. socialist laws, Marxists, collectivist outlooks, etc.. On a long enough time line, they lead to the Gulag. They remove rights, freedoms, and always always always the right of free men to own weapons for their own defense and to overthrow tyranny should it gain power. This is why we focus on the rights of the individual above all else. Any doubt, tie goes to the runner.

    Freedom is the only way. Those who suggest that you should give up a portion of it for more "security" are liars plotting further control of your life. And their "theories" never work, but they keep trying, nibbling away bit by bit, ever increasing the list of what you cannot do in your life, giving them more and more control of it.

  5. Wow, thanks. I figured that one would be more up your alley. However I’m going to have to make another post in defense of the other side. When you say socialism leads to the Gulag one could just as well argue that the right leads to fascism and the gas chamber. I think the point is that extremism, be it on the left or on the right leads to dictatorship.

    You say freedom is the only way. That I agree with. Some claim that Capitalism is synonymous with freedom but that most certainly isn’t the case. I personally have no problem with Capitalism.

    If someone gets an idea and sells it and makes money off of it, more power to him. Selling those East Van Hope in the Shadows calendars in Capitalism. Nothing wring with that. Capitalism becomes a dirty word when corporate greed kick in to exploitation. Kind of like the age old practice of colonization which lead to the original tea party.

    Hey, that’s the ticket. The Occupiers are pinkos they’re the real tea party : )

  6. There's really no difference between the left and the right, it's a scam to make the sheeple choose a side. The sociopaths that rise to the top of both factions have more in common with each other than anyone else. Their true goal is always power, then more power, until they have it all, and anyone not good with being a pawn to their personal world view with them at the top controlling everything becomes an enemy of the state.

    I'm actually not against things like public health care, but it can't be funded solely by taxes. The math won't work. We do need an economy with some control features to it, the open unfettered marketplace is a playing grounds for thieves who subvert government to their ends. I personally would outlaw lobbying. But at the same time, those who most advocate government control of business are often the ones whose real goals are much bigger than they are willing to admit, for the simple reason that they know if they were honest about their ideology and goals, no one would listen to them. They have to be wolves in sheep's clothing until the time is right. They have to pretend to be moderates.

    Excellent examples regarding the "Occupy" thing. Check out the staff bio's of the "Alliance for Global Justice".

    This is also good reading, WSJ or not. Some good facts and figures here.

    "Polling the Occupy Crowd"

    "Good Hunting"....

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