Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bacon brothers parents drawn into drug deal

Locally, Jarrod Bacon's parents and the mother of his child were drawn into the accused's alleged cocaine conspiracy, a judge heard Tuesday. Bacon, 28, and Arnold Wayne Scott, 55, have each pleaded not guilty to one count of conspiring to traffic cocaine in Abbotsford and elsewhere in B.C.

After Bacon indicated he had up to $3 million in financial backing to buy and then traffic up to 30 kilograms of cocaine a week, police tried to arrange the first transaction of 10 kg. In the weeks leading up to the transaction, Scott passed on information to his daughter, Carly Scott, to forward on to Bacon himself, court heard. Carly is the mother of Bacon's child.

Later in August 2009, on the day of the transaction, Scott was captured on police intercepts discussing the drug deal with G.L., prosecutor Peter LaPrairie said in his opening statement Tuesday. Scott told G.L. that on the previous day he had met Bacon at Scott's residence in Abbotsford to discuss the transaction, LaPrairie said. "Mr. Scott indicated that Mr. Bacon's parents were present for the meeting and they indicated suggestions for how to carry out the transactions." What a deranged family.


  1. Never again need anyone believe that Susan and David Bacon are the poor, maligned parents of three doomed sons. I believe that a person can have the best parents in the world, a "Leave it to Beaver" childhood and can still turn out fucked up because of a person's free will. I've even said before that these parents shouldn't be condemned because of that assumption. This information completely blows that one out of the water. David and Susan helped turn their children into monsters. They deserve every ounce of grief, heartbreak, worry and pain that comes their way.

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    1. Or maybe if you're smart enough not to commit a crime in the first place you don't have to go to jail at all...or even court for that matter.

  3. two sits in jail...the person who murderd my boy got 4 years, a known drug dealer, wanted in 3 parts of us..only here in canada 6 son had no criminal record an was 21 years old..the murder,did 13 north double time served,,ended up serving,29 months other son lost his mind .heart broken ..did a crime. .he robberd someone.(this is not acceptable 4 me) but he ends up serving a a half year sentence...wherez r justice here in b.c...this is just not right son did wrong..but no one was hurt.. or even felt they were going to be hurt...really its all wrong..

  4. Tragic. Clearly the punishment for murder in Canada is very disproportionate.

  5. Clearly his parents should have been taken out with him in Kelowna. Trash breeds trash. Nuff said.


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